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Rangla Punjab festival at Punjab Grill, Saket

Punjabi food is not only popular in India but it’s popular worldwide as well. Punjab will remind you of lush green fields, robust lifestyle, culinary treasure, authentic flavours, the way they serve a grand meal and the lingering taste and aroma leaves everyone mesmerised! Punjabis are full of life and their food too reflects this liveliness.

Rangla Punjab festival at Punjab Grill, a north Indian restaurant of Light Bite is research of Chef Gurpreet Singh Gedhu and his entire team. They travelled to the interiors of Punjab and searched for traditional food that people still eat. Places where food is made, mostly of local spices and rustic techniques and unadulterated recipes handed over by generations.

You will be really happy and surprised to see that the Rangeela Punjab festival is beyond Dal Makhni and Butter Chicken. We have here handpicked dishes from different parts of Punjab which you might not even have heard of, as these are not available in every restaurant.

Kotkapura Atte Da Chicken is delicacy from Kotkapura in Punjab. Some people also say that, this is a traditional dish from Ludhiana. Marinated with Punjabi spices, wrapped in atta dough and cooked and roasted in slow-fire tandoor, this dish is unique. Kotkapura is a historic city, 50 km from Bathinda. It is the largest city in the Faridkot District and has a large cotton market.

Another star dish was Kunna Meat – cooked in earthen pot with mustard oil, ginger and garlic along with some spices is delicacy from Chiniot which is now in Pakistan. Chiniot is located at the bank of the river Chenab, it is known for its intricate wooden furniture and for its architecture. This preparation gets its inspiration from Mughals which is also popular in north India especially in Lucknow and beyond.

Pind da saag( sarson ka saag) was one of the best I had, other than what I get to eat at home. Coarsed sarson ka saag had the perfect flavour and it went well along with makke ki roti. We asked for another helping as it was super delicious!

Ma chole di daal aur khoya paneer was something which vegetarians would not want to miss. makhane ki kheer and gur ke chawal were the perfect desert to finish the meal.

As I shared that this menu is handpicked; hence the number of dishes are limited. Yet, everything is absolutely delicious and you would love to try them all. Mutton and chicken ka achar and kale gajar ki kanji were excellent accompaniments. We continued to munch them throughout our meal.

If you love Punjabi food and want to eat beyond dal makhni and butter chicken then Rangla Punjab festival is for you. Don’t miss it.


Venue: Punjab Grill- Saket

Timing: Feb 10-24, all day long

Cost: Rs. 1600 (without taxes) 


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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