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In one of my post, I wrote about CP’s progress towards attracting customers and the way it has turned into an amazing food hub. You can read the story here. Though numerous pub/café in CP exists, yet there is dearth of good food. Cozy places, cocktail bars or sports bars – people can still find the right place for the right occasion. Yet, I feel, with so much of booze around, don’t people feel the need to have good food? The pairing has to be perfect and people do feel hungry after gulping down few drinks. It’s like a love affair, a perfect relationship, a great pairing that goes with booze and food. And then, farzi at CP happened.

To beat all of it, a perfect mantra has been launched at CP – An affair that will be long lasting, a class – that no one can beat – taste beyond compare – A place that has already create a niche for itself in a city that takes food very seriously – A place that offers chic ambience to pull crowd – An extensive menu which means it opens up for all age-group, inviting a mixed crowd to the place – The place is here with all the charisma –

CP has a new Lounge – “NICHE”.

This place will change perception of Lounge/Bistro. You can read my earlier story on Niche where I wrote about their cocktails and on mixologist Mathew. You can read the full story here.

Niche as the name says is the most sophisticated and classy lounge bar you would have ever seen in CP.  This is perhaps one of the finest lounges in the city where you will not only get outstanding cocktails, but also enjoy the taste of real gourmet food. The use of wood and fine leather at Niche in the interior makes the ambience absolutely classy and upmarket.  This is a place where memories are made, laughs are shared and everyday stresses are forgotten, a place where you celebrate life – Important moments happen – next to a classy PDR, where you can sit and sip your drink sitting next to fire burn.

We have been talking and discussing a lot about fusion food, molecular gastronomy/modern cuisine and all kinds of new age cuisine. But the root of any cuisine is the flavour and taste that is recreated by chef. It is not about mixing two cuisines and creating a dish out of it. The real challenge of creating fusion dish is to make something exclusive and at the same time retain the flavour and taste of both the cuisines.

Lamb shank cooked sous vide for hours to retain the moisture of the meat and then served with rogan josh gravy or chicken ball served on the bed of makhni gravy are some of the dishes that are served as main course at Niche. These dishes are cooked perfectly. Meat falling off the bones as it gets slow cooked and the juices from the bones give a gelatin and think texture to the gravy. Everything from the quality of meat you choose to the temperature of cooking, to the flavor of spices makes a difference.

I also tried their pork belly cooked with cryo frying technique (it’s still in beta phase; hopefully you will get them in their new menu).

Cryo frying is one of the techniques that are used in modernist cuisine (most of the world famous chefs like to use this word instead of molecular gastronomy). The invention of cryogenic technology has handed chefs an exciting new tool—liquid nitrogen—its viscosity is about one-fifth that of water and it has relatively low surface tension, liquid nitrogen flows rapidly into nooks and crannies of the pork belly.  Cryo fryings creates a perfect brown crust and thaws the frozen layer but does not overcook the interior. It is then fried in hot oil or pan sautéed them to get the perfect crispy skin. Definitely their pork belly has gone on very high on my favourite pork belly list. Haari saag, polenta mixed with yougurt turned into small balls, served with corn bread, jaggry chips and white butter soild – Niche’s take on iconic saag and makee di roti with jaggary – .Everything served here is classic!!

The opening of Niche will give customers and a place where you can enjoy excellent food with friends/family over great cocktails.

Till then, Bon Appetite at Niche where you get top notch food in a relaxed atmosphere!


Where :

Niche Lounge Bistro

M 16, Connaught Place,

Outer Circle

New Delhi, India



You can find them on Facebook too.

You can view more pictures here.


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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