Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, , Bronies, Defence Colony MarketGoing by the dictionary meaning, a gastropub is a bar that serves good food and high-quality alcoholic beverages. Well if we go by the definition, many of the newly opened so called gastropubs in Delhi will disappoint. Everytime I think of visiting a new gastropub, I almost always know what to expect- dark lighting, loud music, liquor smoked with liquid nitrogen and average food. I have become accustomed to this culture devoid of savoir-faire. Though not very hopeful but I still like to believe that the next gastropub I visit will have something new to offer. 

Well, to my surprise, Bronies does have some new things to offer. The interiors are like a movie studio with raw unpainted walls, a huge bar and a giant projection screen. It’s also one of a kind bar which has movie screenings once a week and also I must admit that the outdoor seating is done up really well. The bar is well stocked and the cocktail I tried “Brain Jizzer”, basically a whisky based slush, was quite good.

Chef Naval Prakash, the cuisine trainer has worked on a simple concept, hot food stays hot, cold food stays cold. We Indians are quite obsessive when it comes to the temperature of food. This is the reason why we’ll often hear “jaldi kha lo nahi to thanda ho jayega” (have it fast otherwise it’ll get cold”. On the contrary, Italians just love to enjoy their wine and chat, and don’t really care if their pasta is hot or at room temperature.

Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, , Bronies, Defence Colony MarketBronies has come up with these really cool concepts like stone soups, cool salads, sizzling snacks, wood fired burgers (yes burgers), sizzling mains and Raclette. The stone used in a stone soup is first heated in an oven and when it’s hot it is put into a bowl of hot soup. That’s the way it is served and it keeps the soup hot for a long period of time. Raclette is also a new concept where an open grill is placed on the table and people can enjoy drinks while themselves cooking various meats, breads and veggies. The grill also has a provision unerneath for grilling cheese sauce. In Europe people love to have raclette parties.

While the concept is great, the taste of everything was just about okay, however some of the dishes such as Prawn Paper Wrap, The Cool Russian Salad in a Jar and Mixed Meat Raclette consisting of marinated fish & chicken, pork sausages, chicken sausages and bacon, were phenomenal.

I would recommend you to go for a movie screening at Bronies with your significant other and enjoy it with some good cocktails and temperature controlled food.

1, Defence Colony flyover
market (old Nirulas)
New Delhi, India
099990 80348

Meal for two – INR 1500 ( Approx)

You can find them on facebook here.


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