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Go to Farzi CP and try some of the new creation of Chef Saurabh. His new menu at CP is absolutely incredible with dishes like pork tikka and hoppers.

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I am sure most of you have been to Farzi. It is undoubtedly one of the most talked about restaurant of the year. You would have loved their food, drinks, the way they play with colour, flavour and textures and not to forget the visual feast that makes each and everything stand out as unique and innovative. I need not say this again that though they incorporate a number of visual techniques and strategies, the taste has always been heavenly.

You must be wondering – What’s new here? I clearly feel that Farzi CP stands out and is better than their Cyberhub Farzi – An improvised version with seamless fusion of delectable food with pure pleasures of taste and flavours not just with each bite, but also with every sip that you partake. My previous posts on farzi:

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The interiors at Farzi CP are very contemporary and modern. The bar at the centre gives it very stylish look. You will get the right vibes that compliments your mood and creates the right kind of energy – An experience that is unique! No wonder I had a very smart and memorable experience that will win customers affection and loyalty.

I first met Saurabh at Masala Library Mumbai and then at Farzi CyberHub. At Farzi CP, One can notice the significant progressive changes made, if you have been to cyberhub earlier. Farzi CP clearly reflects the thought process and the research that has been invested in creating the menu. You will make positive comments about a dish’s appeal and taste as the chef’s attention towards the features of each brings out certain flavours and textures. The nibble section is a clear example of understanding CP’s customers who are more interested in having couple of drinks with chakhna( quick bites). Planning and operating of farzi menu involved the needs and expectations of customers, and developing and improving dishes and service that perfectly fits to those needs and expectations.

This reflects Chef Saurabh’s maturity as well working culture of Massive group. You have the wings to be creative, invest time in planning, strategizing, experimenting and then adding colors to bloom and grow in F&B industry. Let’s take the example of Pork Tikka( Delhi Belly), inspite of our growing love for pork , it’s not easy to find  similar dish in restaurants that serve Indian food. You will typically find these dishes in European restaurants or Japanese joints. Serving pork cooked with Indian spices that not just tastes amazing, but also satiates our need for pork. Even though the presentation is very modern, the approach is purely Indian that clearly makes this place a great differentiator.  Each dish has its standards in order to minimize deviations from quality and taste.

While chatting with Zamir at the launch of Farzi CP, he shared that the culture at massive group comes from the top. It starts with Zorawar’s leadership and passion. I could relate it to Management skill pyramid that I had learnt during my management education.

The team looks upto Zorawar for more than just managing restaurant processes. Zorawar helps them show the way, model behaviors, provides advice, helps them learn and grow, and in many cases guides them towards better decisions thus invigorating development of the team as well as restaurant.

I have known Zorawar for over two years now, and still remember our first meeting at Made in Punjab, where he had invited me for lunch. I was very impressed with his passion, zeal, attention to details and the hunger to create innovative and outstanding work. Post this, we had Farzi at Cyberhub. Before cyberhub, Masala Library was launched in Mumbai. He has been very patiently, working towards building bigger brands. It took him two years to open his next Farzi, though you will soon have Farzi in Mumbai too. With each new opening, the plan has been backed by extensive research, building excellent team over the years and trained them as well. He also follows trends of industry and ensures that people work in a pleasant environment. Farzi and Made in Punjab are two restaurants where the standard of service is not just top notch but the servers are well trained and well informed as well.

Organizations should not be dependent only on their manpower. The processes should be well defined that takes into account a sustainable and successful model with strong work ethics. Zorawar has created his brand that has perpetual succession and has ensured that scalability remains as an important characteristic for it to function, grow and expand in the long run.

Coming back to food again, if you look at the new section of hoppers; they have been carefully designed and are “a meal” in itself. In Srilanka appams are called hoppers, however are different from the appams served in India. The toppings of appams have different ingredients like exotic vegetables or bheja fry(a typical Bombay masala fry which goes really well with appam ) and many others.

This is just the place to be……. you don’t need an excuse; there’s no better way to learn about what this place offers other than enjoying it through your tastebuds! Farzi CP – A place that has delicious selection of creative and memorable food and cocktails!


Address: E- 38/39, First Floor, Rajiv Chowk,
Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
+91-9599889700 / 01 | +91-11-43551028 / 29
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