In this fast moving world where the concept of serving everything in the name of world cuisine and the main focus is on the presentation rather than the taste; thankfully we still have some amazing places in Delhi. In such places the focus is still, on serving good and consistent food keeping the originality and taste intact. The China Kitchen at Hyatt New Delhi is for sure, one of the very few places where the quality, presentation and service is superlative. Chinese cuisine in India has transformed and blended into region specific cuisine and each region has their own customization based upon their customer’s preference and delight. Even in India, the top restaurants that we have, do not serve “Chinese” cuisine. What we eat entirely depends on the Chef, restaurant’s location and customer’s palate.  Most of the Indian restaurants have chefs from different Asian countries and their nationality too, reflects on the food being served.

If you are wondering what makes The China Kitchen, different from other Chinese restaurants – Well, the answer is  – The team of chefs that we have here are from Mainland and that is what makes all the difference to the food being served here.

You will be surprised to know that they had invested time in setting up their own duck supplier, to ensure that the quality of duck is perfect! During my discussions with Piyush Sharma, the restaurant manager, he shared – “while setting up local suppliers, we sent them to learn the techniques of managing duck farm, their feeds. This was done to ensure that we get similar quality and hygiene” No wonder, Peking duck at china kitchen is perhaps the best in the country.

The China Kitchen HyattThe kind of effort that has been leveraged to ensure best quality food at the China Kitchen is truly commendable. Dishes served are from mainland, covering different parts of china and thus yielding the most authentic Chinese food.

Even if you love Punjabi-Chinese, you would love to be here after getting to know the authenticity and amazing taste of Chinese cuisine. On a Wednesday night, when traffic of Delhi was at its peak, we reached The China Kitchen to try the best of the dishes that had been selected for us from the bestselling dishes of their menu – Chef Dong Long’s signatures dishes. These dishes are available at a la-carte till 24th of this month.

The Chef’s special menu was designed in a way where along with signatures dishes; the classic dishes of the china kitchen too had been served.

I loved the special focus on the mushrooms and enjoyed the cold salad fungi salad. Chicken salad was delicious.

The soup consisting of black truffle and wild mushrooms was fresh and delicious. Though the highlight was peking duck with the skins and meat, I enjoyed it without the pancakes (the way I have had it earlier in other places). Crispy porchini mushroom with lot of red chilli was crunchy and exceptionally good. I couldn’t stop myself asking for a second helping.

The scrumptious meal left me spellbound and the flavour of Peking duck was the best that I relished. The restaurant was full house, which itself speaks of the amazing food as well as dining experience that one gets.

Chef’s special menu is available from January 17- 24, 2016.

For reservations, please call Piyush Sharma + 91 9958096569

You can find them on facebook too!

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