Spectacular Sunday Brunch at Blooms, Eros Hotel New Delhi, Nehru Place When we talk about Sunday brunches the first thing comes in my mind is that “will they have place for my super active kid who simply refuses to sit at one place and would he enjoy the food that we get there? “

I am sure most of you would have the same question in your mind too. Let me tell you one of my best Sunday brunch experiences of 2015. Eros hotel Nehru place has been doing consistently good in terms of their F&B and I ended up visiting frequently in 2015.

12274212_10153289775995679_9136095278680181362_n-tileKeeping in mind the winter season and looking at their setup of all day dinning Blooms, I decided to go for their Sunday brunch. They have perhaps one of the finest lawns in town where they set up, the Sunday brunch. Enough place for your kids to play around and enough food for them to gorge on. They have a permanent pasta section where you can choose variety of pastas and choose your sauce too.

Executive Chef Suprabhat RoyChowdhury has done a brilliant job in putting up a Sunday brunch with variety of cuisines.

Indian live grill and western live grill are two interesting sections that one shouldn’t miss. I can happily sit and order dishes from these sections and skip going to any other section as the dishes offered here is vast.

I noticed a very interesting thing about this place. While I was trying out different sections, I realized that this place has deeply established connection with their customers and with the rich and varied gastronomy on offer, you will not be surprised to find  family groups of three generations at table for a meal which can often last three hours or more. There is so much choice at your fingertips that it can be difficult to decide where to go. With the huge loyalty of customers, be sure to book to ensure a place. It is also interesting to note that in fast paced and ever changing needs of customers, we do have lots of five star hotels, offering Sunday brunches, however offering customers that makes them stick to a place, is definitely enthralling!  I met a very senior surgeon and he shared his story on how long he has been visiting this place, seen the different brand changes here but he never changed his loyalty. He is also one of the most regular customers at their gym. He has been awarded several times for customer loyalty. It was good to meet these people and listen to their stories on their favourite places.

12310568_10153289775775679_309008070950402314_n (1)-tileApart from their grill section, they also have live Japanese counter where you can get fresh sushis/shashmis. Their Indian live section keeps changing and offers some excellent food. That day, I had appam and curry and I must tell you that, both, appam and chicken chettinad were fabulous.

If you are in love with lobsters, you should definitely head for the grill section. Their lobsters are best and huge! They also have an Asian section that keeps changing. And to finish your meal they also have a huge dessert section to satiate your sweet craving.

You should visit Eros at Nehru place for Sunday brunch and would know why people love coming here time and again!

You can find them on facebook here.

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