My 6 year old niece loves honey but hates the sticky mess it makes. So after a lot of drama and pampering, she will eat a spoonful at home. Recently we came to know about Honey Twigs. Honey Twigs are what you would term honey on the go. It is a versatile way to enjoy the goodness of honey without its customary messy spillage issues.

A teaspoon of honey is conveniently packed inside a twig which can be carried around in the purse, kids lunch box, gym bag or even while travelling. And it is so easy to relish- just snap open the twig and enjoy the honey inside by squeezing it up without avoiding any dripping or using a spoon. The honey used is 100% natural and sourced from Himachal and Punjab. An FSSAI Licensed product, the twigs

come in two flavours- Multi Flora Honey and Natural Litchi. Antibiotic free, Multi Flora Honey owes its flavor to a blend of nectar gathered from a variety of flowers. Natural Litchi is sourced from premium litchi orchards of Muzzafarpur. The nectar of the litchi flower gives the honey its flavor which has a subtle taste of the litchi fruit.

Our concern of whether the plastic which is used to make the twigs is of a good quality was addressed as the twig is made of food grade plastic.  An added bonus of each batch being lab tested ensures that adulteration is kept at bay. Honey can also be used by the health conscious and is a good pre/ post workout option. It is a healthier alternative to sugar and makes for a more wholesome mid evening snack. Honey is also nature’s super food and is a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth. So the next time you want something sweet and healthy try a Honey Twig.

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