diet foods healthy snacksWhenever I watch a movie at home, I like to munch on something tasty. I am bored of potato chips, popcorn and nachos. So when there was a movie marathon on the weekend I went searching for some snacks. I came back with my bag full of Diet Foods Healthy Snacks. This is a brand which offers Soya and Corn based snacks in 13 variants of healthy snacks and 1 Sugar Free Ruskall made of high quality natural ingredients. Since the flavours were so tempting I got all of them including Piri Piri Soya Chips, Thai Sweet Chilli Soya Chips, Soya Katori, Soya Chips, Soya Sticks,Soya Cheese Chips, Soya Manchurian Sticks, Soya Bhel, Soya Sail, Masala Triangle, Corn Chips, Corn Schzewaun Triangle and Wheat Puffs.

Alongwith my friends, we munched away happily without having to worry about whether we would get fat since the roasted snacks are well suited for keeping a check on obesity. It was quite late after the movies got over and we forgot to keep the snacks in an air tight container leaving them open overnight. The next day, to my surprise, the snacks were still as crisp since they are nitrogen flushed. I was impressed with the taste and packaging of Diet Foods Healthy Snacks. Don’t make it a habit though to leave them open for more than a night.

Soya is a good source of protein and the brand offers very high protein content with 0% trans fat and low cholesterol. The snacks are also good for those who have midnight cravings and cravings for fried snacks and junk food. Even the Sugar Free Rusk was tasty. It has a subtle twist to it with its fennel flavor and contains 60% fewer calories as compared to rusk made with sugar. It is good for diabetics as well.

diet foods healthy snacksThe endeavor of Diet Foods Healthy Snacks is to provide healthy snacks, which are also delicious. All their products are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.The brand gives consumers an alternate to the unhealthy fried snacks and chips that the market is flooded with. Diet Foods Healthy Snacks is marketed by Bombay Barons.  Founded by Gauri Gandhi and Mihir Agarwal, Bombay Barons not only takes care of logistics and warehousing, but also professionally and meticulously looks after market initiation and penetration, product positioning and brand building of the brands it takes on board.



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