Get ready to taste outstanding cocktails prepared by award winning mixologist from Australia – Matthew Radalj. You should specifically try, The Dead Man’s Hand (Mat’s favourite too) and Shrub.

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Do you know cocktails determine your personality too? A mix of one or two spirit, combined with some ingredients, packed with ice, shaken or Stirred and depending on the way you like it – talk a lot about the kind of person you are! My wife loves Bloody Mary and refers to what she had read – “Bloody Mary are a morning person who don’t mind waking up early and getting on with things. They are an organized go-getter with high aspirations” Undoubtedly it’s true and it’s a story in itself. But for me the taste of cocktail and the mood that sets you in as well as the personality (if at all cocktails define that) is dependent on the bartender who shakes and moves the wonder cocktails! I’ve never been intrigued by likes and dislikes and food preferences that ties to personality traits! For me a mixologist defines my drink!

Matthew RadaljMeet Matthew Radalj, the award winner mixologist from Western Australia, who is now part of Niche Lounge and Bar, that has recently opened in the heart of the city. Well, as of yesterday!

Niche as the name says is the most sophisticated and classy lounge bar you would have ever seen in CP.  This is perhaps one of the finest lounge in the city where you will not only get outstanding cocktails prepared by Matt, but also enjoy the taste of real gourmet food. The use of wood and fine leather at Niche in the interior makes the ambiance absolutely classy and upmarket.  This is a place where memories are made, laughs are shared and everyday stresses are forgotten, a place where you celebrate life – Important moments happen – next to a classy PDR, where you can sit and sip your drink sitting next to fire burn.

Drinks that you get here is truly world class. The best of spirits and best ingredients create wonder drinks! Sharing details on the 3 cocktails that I loved:

The Dead Man's HandThe Dead Man’s Hand – this is also happens to be Matt’s favourite cocktail. A Tikki revival cocktail with a blend of 7 selected rums served on the last five-card stud hand held by “Wild Bill Hickok” known as the dead man’s hand. A unique cocktail served in oil dispenser.

shrub at Niche Lounge and BarShrub – This takes 72 hours to prepare and then mixed with broad leaf vodka, infusion of lemon balm, spearmint and basil. This is served in oil and vinegar decanter with apple and cassica wood smoke.

Maple Mac at Niche Lounge and Bistro Maple Mac – is mixture of abbott’s bitters and pure maple syrup complimenting the irish whisky with green ginger wine. This drink is for those who are looking for something more refined.

That’s not all, they have range of martinis and other classic cocktails as well. Watch out for this space as we will bring you some more cocktails and this time this will be paired with food.

Till then Bon Appetite

 Contact Info

Niche Lounge and Bistro 

M 16, Connaught Place,
Outer Circle
New Delhi, India

You can find them on facebook and instagram.

Drink Responsibly. Drinking Alcohol is Injurious to Health.

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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