8 cities, 8 top chefs coming together from different properties, owned by Marriott and serving 8 different cuisines! A unique culinary week at Courtyard by Marriott, which you shouldn’t miss! My pick – Garhwali, Konkani and Telugu cuisines!


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The diversity, the difference and the variety is what makes Indian cuisines much more interesting than any other cuisine in the world. It is said that every 100km you travel in India you will find different cuisines, different flavour and different food. Think about the culinary extravaganza that you will enjoy when 8 chefs from different parts of the country serve 8 different cuisines. Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon is hosting India culinary week, showcasing 8 serving their specific cuisines encompassing food from different regions and is one of the most diverse buffet as well as a-la-carte as each region has its own unique food and dining customs. This culinary week is a well-balanced symbiosis between spices and herbs, offering very tasty dishes as each region offers their own culinary distinctive characteristics and numerous traditional dishes.

Sharing the amazing work that we have from each region of Courtyard by Marriot and the unique cuisine that is being served

Chef Chiranjeet Mandal – Raipur – Deserts of Bengal

Chef Amarjeet Singh – Gurgaon – Punjabi cuisine,

Chef Deepak Rana – Mussorie – Garwali cuisine,

Chef Uday Karmalkar – Mumbai – Konkani cuisine,

Chef Ranjit – Jaipur – Rajasthani cuisine

Chef Mithun Mohanan – Kochi – Food from Gods own country and last but not the least Chef Amrutha Valli –Hyderabad – Andhra food.

You clearly need to have a huge appetite to be able to relish and gorge on each dish. We ensured that to fully dive into the realms of each cuisine, we must experience the unique dish of each region. We loved banjara maans, mangori papad and jawar ki roti from rajashthani cuisine, mutton varuval and kelange varad from tamil, appam with veg stew from Kerala, mirappakai mutton from telegu. We loved every dish of Konkan – right from masala bhaat to teekhi daal to mutton tambata and chicken xacuti, which we enjoyed with mix grain puri. Kache kele ki bhaji and methi paratha from garwali were superb.

 india culinary week Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, when it comes to deserts from Bengal, you are bound to have a smile on your face as this region has a rich sweet tradition. Your heart would melt and your taste buds will lure you to numerous delightful sensations! Nolen gur rosogulla, white rosogulla, chandrakala, chumchum, sondesh and the list is endless. Do ensure that you have enough appetite to indulge in the sweetness and richness of these delicacies.

The large variety of dishes, appetizers, snacks, side dishes and desserts spread has been an enormous success and this fest is concluding on 26th January 2016 with a special Republic day brunch that celebrates India’s strength of Unity and Diversity. I wish they could have extended it for one more week. Kudos to Executive Chef Amit Dash, Ritika and entire team of Marriott Gurgaon for the amazing food showcasing the spirit of Secular India.

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