The bar team at Farzi café by Ammy Dua is all charged up, fuelled and mixed to give you dose of some real cocktails. Chai pani, Three Musketeer and Monkey Sour – concoction of various ingredients and spirits – the best of cocktails and innovation that still gives you real taste of amazing cocktails.

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Farzi café is a brand/name in itself as people appreciate it for its quality, consistently good food, great ambience and electric atmosphere. Earlier too, I have posted on Farzi Café. You can read, both the experiences – Post 1 and Post 2. This post is about the great experience I had, with the drinks/cocktails that I thoroughly enjoyed at CP.  There has been addition to the food that has been designed keeping in mind the crowd that comes to CP, very different from what we have at CyberHub. I will share details on food in my next post.

Last week at Farzi CP, I not just enjoyed the food, but also gulped cocktails to my delight. Here are my 5 favourite Farzi Cocktails.


  1. Chai pani – The first cocktail of the day that I sipped on Served in a cutting glass with ketli. Well infused spices with cinnamon and mixed with vodka. Absolutely brilliant idea. You will fall in love with this drink.
  2. Three Musketeers – the perfect combination of chocolate, chilli and orange, complementing each other and mixed with whisky. One of the best cocktail for whisky lovers.
  3. Monkey Sour – Farzi twist to the classic whisky sour; drop of lemon and cinnamon foam makes it interesting. I bet you can’t stop on one.
  4. Farzi Bunta – This was superb! They have their own banta, the classic drink of saddi delhi with some amazing flavours mixed with Vodka. You will get flavours like shikanji, aampapad, narangi and kala jamun. You will reminisce your childhood.
  5. Apple foamintini – Farzi twist of classic martini. It’s vodka based cocktail mixed with fresh green apple and topped with mint foam. One of the most popular cocktails of Farzi.


There’s no doubt we totally love experimenting and innovating and are in awe of cocktail connoisseurs. There are lot more cocktails here That I haven’t tried and am dying to take a stab at. Here you will find some of the hottest cocktails and you should head straight to farzi at CP! And don’t wait for my next post on the food – Head to Farzi and order from their nibble section. If you are a pork lover, then you shouldn’t miss Delhi belly.

Address: Level 1, E-38/39, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Contact numbers: +91-9599889700 / 01 | +91-11-43551028 / 29

Find them on facebook, twitter and instagram

Drink Responsibly. Drinking Alcohol is Injurious to Health. 

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