Let’s talk about one of my favorite place in Delhi, Connaught Place. Yes you are right, it is one of my favorite places and now with lots more happening here, it’s slowly coming back into limelight and is gaining back its popularity.

How many of you remember the not so fancy madras hotel at the heart of the city, Connaught place? I have fond memories and taste still fresh of the 35 INR unlimited south Indian thali. It was a super hit and the mad rush for the amazing thali was a treat to watch. I used to love it, though my wife, Naina wasn’t a big fan of it. It was in the same lanes of Hotel Alka and Madras hotel was on the 1st floor. A decade back, CP was not like the way it is now. Entire inner circle was dug up because of common wealth game. The sight was a complete mess. Customers moved to other places and stopped visiting CP. Malls too were coming up in a Delhi/NCR and CP was like losing its charm. Then came the much awaited Cyber Hub in Gurgaon and it changed everything.

However CP has its own unique charm that no other place in Delhi can offer. Being centrally located, open and the old classic architecture, always attracts people. Lots of restaurants started opening up. Saravana bhawan was amongst one of the joints that survived during those slum periods. Chew, Side Wok , Ardor are the places that started attracting people and then came the revamped central park – A huge national flag, was an added attraction. Last year, biggies like warehouse café and the beer café too pulled in customers.

Then came the powerhouse – Monkey bar and it worked like magnet.  QbA is celebrating their 11th Anniversary! The recent addition is Caffe Tonino which will also pull crowd the way we have for Monkey bar.

In 2015, according to a report, there are more than 100 cafés in CP and most of them opened last year.

Though we have the same “ world cuisine “ and focus has been more on booze and gigs rather than food, few of the cafés have actually managed to serve good food and Monkey Bar, Chi Cookhouse, Zamozza and Shiv Sagar and recently opened FLYP,  are some of the places where you get amazing food!  Besides  FLYP, we now have Farzi Café too, coming up in CP which opens from today.

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