I will always remember the incident, when me and Gaurav went to Wok in the clouds at khan market for review; we were getting bored and agitated too as the PR person didn’t have information as well as wasn’t too interested in interacting with us. The experience could have been a disaster, however 2 people came in and introduced themselves as the consultant for this project. They then shared all the required information and went over and above in sharing details and rest as they say is history.

That was my first ever interaction with Chef Umesh Kapoor, an alumni of IHM, pusa. He is perhaps one of the finest chef and human being for whom I have high regards as well as amazing relationship. He worked with Sakura and then moved to Taj Group of hotels. He also worked at the Grand as Sous chef before starting his own consulting firm Zion Consulting which is one stop firm for revamping menu or even introducing new menu for restaurants. As as consultant, he has done remarkable work that includes the famous juicy lucy burger at Café Delhi Heights, Terminus 1, Grub House, Immigrants Project and so on. The list is endless. The intent is not to list all the places and great work that he is responsible for, else you might lose interest in reading, thinking this to be another review or a chef interview.

This note is especially, for Umesh and at the beginning of this New Year, would want to extend my gratitude and appreciation for a person who is “awesome”; as a Chef who is hands-on at everything he does; as a consultant who has great work to his kitty and a friend who values relationship. I have been with him for more than 2 years now and have had the privilege to see him during the trial work of restaurants where he transform kitchen into a real and exciting place for his team!  His in-depth knowledge, his research, his passion, creativity and the way he puts his heart and soul, even before signing a contract and the commitment that he adheres to – I salute every bit of it!

Here is a short note from Gaurav too – “The first meeting with Chef Umesh was highly unexpected. I met him at Wok In the Clouds Khan Market where he was working on the cocktails for them. He asked us (me & Maneesh) to try few of the cocktails. And we were literally bowled over with the value addition he had done to the classics. The discussion over the drinks, did strike a bond between us. Over the subsequent meetings, the bond became stronger and allowed me to know him as a Chef & also as a great human being. I consider him an intelligent person who knows his job very well. But for me his ‘simple execution’ style is his biggest strength. In today’s time when there is so much glitz & glamour attached to chefs, his simplicity stands apart from the crowd. I wish him a great 2016.

Umesh – We can continue to sing and shower praises, however we would like to keep this simple and short! We wish you the very best for all your future endeavours!  It’s our privilege to know you and has been a great honour to be working with you.


To know more about His work , click here

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