he Glenlivet Founder’s ReserveOn the Rocks, Please”. I heard someone say at one of the most stylish bar of London, an Indian theme cocktail bar. I was new and had not heard it before and was curious to know the meaning. The gentleman was kind enough to explain and also offered me a drink to sip.

Sounds like a high voltage drama film? Well……No that’s reality….Some of you would know that this common bartending term is serving a drink over ice. Often the term is used when referring to a straight shot of liquor poured in a short glass filled with ice.  But then, I was intrigued to know the facts and then went to a store and bought a bottle of single malt. Not “neat”, Not “straight-up” – but “On the Rocks”

“On the rocks has an interesting story behind it. It is said that people don’t want to use ice while drinking their single malt because as ice would dilute the malt. They started using different kind of stones (very close to pumice stone chilled), Single malt when poured on the chilled stone means putting ice-cold volcanic pumice in a glass that will cool the malt – t heat exchange because of the sponge-like structure. This retains the flavor without the malt being diluted, preserving the aroma and taste of the malt! That’s why this term is popular.” Thank you Chef Umesh Kapoor (www.zhc.in) for your inputs for “on the rocks”.

The traditional theory is that Scots used to chill their whisky with stones cooled in the rivers, and that worked its way into the lexicon. As they say, single malt is a lesson in ingenuity, craft and the law of unintended consequences – nothing should be mixed with it! Better to use whiskey ice which doesn’t melt easily and gives you the real taste of scotch.

The event to which we were invited, started with introduction of Glenlevit Founders reserve by Alex Robertson, brand ambassador for Glenlivet, India. Vikram Seth recited poem from his book and the evening ended on a musical note. We tasted Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, The Glenlivet 15 and The Glenlivet 18 which was nicely paired with food.

Sip and take pleasure in the definitive expression of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve!

To truly appreciate the subtle characteristics of The Glenlivet, you should learn the correct way to nose and taste single malt.

Nosing & Tasting notes of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve 

  • Colour: Pale Gold
  • Nose: Delicate aromas of citrus fruit, notably sweet orange.
  • Palate: Sweet, fruit notes of zesty oranges and pears, with a hint of candy, toffee apples
  • Finish: Long, creamy and smooth

Priced between INR 4750 to 6800 per 75 cl bottle (prices vary in each state), The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve will be available in NCR, Haryana, Mumbai and Bangalore. Additionally, it is available in Travel Retail – Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for $48 per litre bottle.

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