Mahou Clásica
Mahou Clásica

Cerevisaphile? Well not me!! ………. (….Ask a Cicerone? ……Well I don’t understand it again!!

Welcome to the world of beer – The most diverse and complex beverage that had not been very fascinating for me! We have wine lovers and we have beer lovers (Cerevisaphiles) as well! Beer isn’t loved by everyone and if you fall in this category, you will be equally surprised when people continue to gulp down mugs and you wonder what it is, that they enjoy!!   

Indians love beer and during summers, sales shoot up!  According to a report, the current annual beer consumption in India is approx. 2 litres/per capita. Further the report adds, “The thing is that there is no typical beer consumer in India. Among the estimated only 20 million premium beer consumers, some drink it for the same reason they have a smartphone, eat sushi and drive a car produced in Western Europe”

Beer was introduced in India by British in 18th century. The consumption of beer is more among youth as they feel this is lighter than other alcohol.

Couple of weeks ago we got an invitation from Mahou Beer. They were launching their beer Mahou Clásica. Mahou is a Spanish company and has been brewing since 1890. This is their first operation outside Spain.  They have set up manufacturing unit in Bhiwadi( Rajasthan)

According to the CEO Erik d’Auchamp, India is the first country outside Spain where they have their operations. They are expecting that by 20-21, India will be their biggest market after Spain.

MFM asked them about the pricing and they shared “We believe that our product is good and we are targeting premium segment with the pricing of INR150. They have not compromised in the quality and followed international process at their Bhiwadi plant too.

They add pure, mineralized water to malt and hops to obtain beer worts. Yeast is then added to transform sugars from cereals present in the wort into alcohol. To extract the best quality beer, thy give this process a few weeks. Thereafter, they cool their beer to 0°C, filter it and bottle the bright golden liquid. The secret of their beer lies in their their yeast specially flown from Spain. To keep the taste of Indians, they have tweaked the recipe a bit!

Beer taste is typically malty (sweet), Hoppy (bitter) and Dark (roasted malt). If Bitterness reaches acridity, people don’t enjoy the flavors! When you will drink Mahou Clásica beer which they launched at The Pint Room, Vasant Vihar, you will find it slightly bitter but the taste will end with little sweet and that lingers on your palate for some time.

I personally enjoyed this beer, as it was less bitter and ended with sweeter note!

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