Jamie's italian Who doesn’t know Jamie Oliver? If you’re not glued to your televisions watching his cook show or to his cookbook, you probably know him from his recent global campaign for better food education.

What started in 2008 as his first high-street venture in Oxford, is flourishing with thirty five restaurants around the globe. And now the capital of the country gets to savour the special, Jamie’s Italian at Vasant Kunj. So did I.

Spacious, Smart and Subtle; that’s all about the restaurant. First step in, you’re literally mesmerised by the ambience. From the authentic concept of open kitchens borrowed from England to the inclusion of the local delight in the minutest of things like a light chandler made out of bangles, the place is beautifully lit and welcomes you with great spirit. It’s bound to brighten your day! That’s for the eyes. Coming to the control centre that drags you to the restaurant- your brain, that’s taken care of too. You have reasons to try it out. Jamie expresses its prominence in its storage and sourcing, arousing curiosity and knowledge about healthy eating in the market. They knead their dough, make their own pasta (if you’re lucky, you might get to see it, or you can ask them to make your pasta in front of you) and import ingredients that are not available in the local market. Summing it up, no compromise on quality, at all; hence attracting an indefinite bonus.

Coming to the third aspect, the palette. We got our hands on a lot of things, and I’ll wrap up items in order of my personal preference. Starting with the immense Veg Platter, very authentic, very healthy and very attractive. The cheese fondue, the grilled vegetables and the sweet chilli on bread with cheese were absolutely delightful. Vegetarian Bruschettas were a little disappointing but the chef’s special meatball bruschetta covered the former’s flaws. If you’re dropping in for a quick snacker, i’d honestly recommend the Garlic bread with Olive dip and Risotto Aranchini balls. Otherwise, the signature chicken wings might please you.

The main course might take you quite some time to develop a liking for, considering that it’s a little too authentic for the Indian palette. But one should definitely try! Nonethelss, the spinach and ricotta caneloni is a must have.

Jamie's italian There’s something for every thirsty throat too. You could pick your drink; either a Rosemary lychee sweet Sophia or a Bourbon rich Manhattan, or, as the menu reads you could try the desert cocktail and discover a new favourite.

AND the Christmas pudding with brandy sauce and ice cream! If you’re reading this and if you’re not too late already, please go and grab some pudding. You might just want to pour some chocolate sauce on it (if you’re a cocoa buff like I am), but hold that thought and savour it with the sauce and vanilla ice cream to avoid hampering the spice.

All in all, it was an enjoyable refute from the mundane exam schedule; and definitely a joyable encounter with the talk of the town; Jamie Oliver in Vasant Kunj.

Where :

Jamie’s Italian
3rd Floor,
Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj
Delhi, India
Phone – 011 4087 0032
Meal for two INR 1500 (Approx)

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Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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