I do Barbeque metro grill Have you even been to a place, where you are sipping your favourite “Glenlivet” on the rocks watching fast moving Delhi Metro and thinking what marination should I put in my chicken pieces?

Does this sound little dramatic? Well not really, let me tell you that last week I was at Japyee Sidharth and was doing exactly the same.

The Concept

Simple concept, you have meat shop where you pick from chicken/Fish and vegetables and ask for your favourite marination. Sit and they will get your grill machine in front of you. Cook yourself, have couple of drinks in between and hola your grill is ready. This is very similar to ‘Do It Yourself’ concept where you can engage yourself in cooking, use your imagination and make your grill more delicious.

Executive Chef Ashish Joshi and F&B Manager Prashant Mehta wanted to use the open space and came up with the brilliant idea of cook yourself BBQ. It’s also an opportunity for you to showcase your cooking talent and simple engage to your hearts content into the art of grilling!


Metro Grill Chef Devan Singh has carefully selected the meats (currently they only have chicken and fish) and vegetables. They have also selected various combination of marination. So you can choose your favourite meat and margination and grill on your own. Not only is marinating your meat a tasty choice, it’s also better for your health. Marination brings in delectable flavours and the flavour and aroma get intertwined and gives the best of grilled meat! While we were discussing we told them that it will be a good idea to add lambs and tenderloin, so that people have more choices. We tried couple of marination with fish/chicken and vegetables and loved each combination. We add spices during the grilling process instead of marinating them before and that made the dishes more delicious. Arabic and fresh mix herbs are great rubs and we enjoyed them on the chicken breast that we grilled.


This is the key point and understanding the market and people around, the prices are competitive. 90rs per 100 gms for chicken and fish and 65rs per 100 gms for vegetables. Price is going to be the key and I am sure this kind of pricing will attract customers.

So next time when you want to make be your own barbeque master with incredible sauces to marinate, you are up for your own claim to fame. You don’t have to start from the scratch in your kitchen – just head to Metro Grill at Japyee Sidharth and stir in some jazzy ingredients and enjoy your favourite BBQ.

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