Food is something that makes any person go crazy and when it comes to buffet, there is no question but choices. Buffet lunch and dinner will give you the best experience to enjoy food if you are a true food lover. Starting from tasty starters to desserts, it will have anything and everything of what you would love to eat.

Bangalore has huge number of hotels that serve amazing buffets. This is a great choice when it comes to team lunch. Sharing some good moments with your colleagues and having your favorite food will take you away from all your work tension and mind hurdles. Are you planning to have a team lunch soon? Confused where to head with your team? If so, check out the 10 amazing restaurants in Bangalore for team lunch…

Banjara Melting Pot

Banjara Melting Pot is a good restaurant famous for their Mangalorean dishes on the prime side. When it comes to buffet, the restaurant offers good choices on all items from starters to the main course and even the desserts. Their variety of Fish items is incredible. They have good choice on Kebabs as well. Do try them for your next team lunch. Price for Buffet is Rs.456 + Tax.

Absolute Barbecues

AB’s is very much famous for its amazing buffet. If you are a person who can die for non veg, then this is your best choice as they have variety of dishes that can make you drool over. It is a great place to hang out with your team for a lunch. The ambience and the dishes will make you love this restaurant. Price for non-veg Lunch on Weekdays include Rs.749 + Tax.


Toscano is the right choice for those people who would like to try on something different from the regular Indian cuisine. This restaurant serves amazing Italian dishes that are lip-smacking. The ambience too is great and the team is sure to enjoy a great time at this place with some good quality time and great food!

Royal Orchids

Royal Orchids is a convention centre and resort where you can have a great time with your team. You can even spent a day outing with your team, indulge with some games and playful activities, They serve a great buffet and have many choices for both veg and non-veg eaters. If you do not prefer their resort buffet, check in to their 9th Mile Dhaba which is again a hotel inside the resort that can satisfy your taste buds.

Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill is one of the most famous chain if restaurants that rule Bengaluru foodies. This restaurant has huge number of varieties for their buffet and is incredibly known for their great ambience as well. They have amazing choices on authentic Punjabi dishes that will leave your mouth watering.

The Glass House – Deli Bistro Bar

This restaurant is more preferred by couples for its romantic ambience. The restaurant offers excellent buffet and has wide choices of dishes as well which makes it a great choice for team lunch. Their buffet is varied and is tasty as well. The terrace sitting will make you feel comfortable and its a p place for an awesome team lunch as well.

Sultan’s Of Spice

This restaurant is widely famous for its amazing buffet. A lot of reviews are listed which are all praise for this restaurant and its food. The buffet is also reasonably priced which makes it even more friendly. It is a great restaurant to have your team lunch.

Saaga – The Royal Senate

Saaga – The Royal Senate is again a good choice for team lunch. This restaurant will give you a royal feeling as the ambience will make you feel comfortable as well. They have varied choices on the dishes and are known for their reasonably priced buffet.

Cafe Masala

Cafe Masala is simply known for its buffet. It is an amazing place for having a great time with your team and for tasting some amazing food. They have good choices when it comes to starters and they variety in non-veg is surprising. They pricing is very competitive even on weekends which makes it a best place even for families.


If you love a serene ambience for your team lunch, then head to Zaica. It is a restaurant that has wide dishes on their buffet that can satisfy your taste buds. They have a huge variety when it comes to Veg dishes. And their desserts are really good.

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