Chef Abhishek Basu and Chef Nazir, The Park, New Delhi

So winter is round the corner and it reminds me of rum and brandy, those rich dry fruits, warm desserts and not to forget chocolate. My wish got fulfilled when I was invited by the kitchenAid team to attend a Baking Masterclass with Chef Abhishek Basu who was assisted by Chef Nazir at The Park, Connaught Place.

It really got me excited when I saw the KitchenAid banners displaying: ‘Bake with Love’ and ‘Cook like a Pro’.

The set up was very beautiful with all the KitchenAid equipments resting there in their shining glory and lot of happy and curious faces. But what really pulled me was the row of big containers lying on tables filled with colorful dried fruits.

The session was fun, interactive and knowledgeable. The Chef Abhishek Basu gave us lot of baking tips and made the session interactive by adding quiz for the audience which also included the chocolate boxes as prizes. He showed us how to prepare Rich Plum Cake, which we commonly refer to as ‘Christmas Cake’, and Pumpkin Cheese Cake. He also showed us how to prepare Chocolate Ganache. He was very patient with the audience and their curious questions.

DSC_0479We tasted the pre-prepared Plum Cake and the Pumpkin Cheesecake and there was a lot of finesse in both the desserts. I’ve had Plum Cakes since childhood but never tried any pumpkin based dessert before being suspicious of the taste but surprisingly it tasted really well.

The evening was concluded by a mixing ceremony. It was the best part of the evening and most people from the audience esp. the ladies thoroughly enjoyed it.  First the nuts were mixed together and then several spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and mace were added to it. The mixture was then soaked in large quantities of liquor. The resultant amalgamation was extremely aromatic and flavorsome. It shall be kept to mature for a couple of months before being used in baking Rich Plum Cakes.

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