I have been eating and participating in healthy food trails, where Chefs prepare food that is not just healthy, but delicious too. But this was the first ever food trail where the focus was not only on the calorie count, but lunch organized and dedicated to diabetic patients. Another interest and reason to be part of the food trail was that I have family history of diabetes. Over the last 2 years, I have done lot of research over the web and consulted doctors as well as dieticians to understand the complexities of this disease.

According to the Research, India has more diabetic patient than anywhere in the world and its growing fast. I remember my fist ever meeting with Dr Ambrish Mittal who heads the centre of excellence at Medanta Medicity, He shared that this is more of a life style disease and we ourselves are responsible for it. Bad eating habit and sedentary lifestyle, no physical activities leads to diabetes too. If you properly check what you eat, and focus on your physical activities, you can easily control your sugar level. I did exactly the same and after 2years I am off my medicine.

DSC_6454_00014You can understand how emotional it was for me when I got invitation to be part of Diabetic food trail at Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon, where we tasted the specially curated menu by their Executive Chef Liam Crotty. This will kick off from 14th of November, which is world diabetic day. This will cover 100 restaurants across 4 cities in India where our chefs will be preparing special menu for diabetic patients.

As Seema PintoDirector, Semora Entertainment Works and the brain behind this initiative shared. “One of the primary objectives of channeling this initiative through restaurants was to dispel the notion of ‘healthy food cannot be tasty food’, and influencing the Food Industry to recognize the need of ‘diabetic friendly’ menus, given that we will be a country of 80 million diabetics by 2030 (World Health Organization estimates).” The chefs from our restaurant partners have conjured up novel gourmet dishes whilst some recipes and menus were re-engineered from their existing dishes to suit the recommended diet and within the calorific values. Every effort has been made by the Chefs to ensure the food is tasty and suitable to the Indian Palate.

I am delighted as well as overwhelmed as it’s a great step taken for diabetics and the efforts poured in to customize the menu which is suitable for diabetic. This will definitely help lot of diabetics to be more relaxed while they travel. Now, Diabetes will not stop you from having a good time anywhere outside your home. Embrace happiness and embrace a healthy lifestyle!!

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