Chicken pojarski with black truffle and potato roasti

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Swiss It Up – swiss food promotion till 6th nov
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For Lunch and Dinner ( A La Carte as well as buffet )
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Whenever you get to hear “Switzerland” it reminds one of the Bollywood movies of 80-90, where the hero and heroine would romance in those beautiful mountains and valleys. Bollywood showed fascinating Switzerland in abundance. Besides the silk-smooth chocolate, cuckoo clocks, Switzerland is a place for epic destination!  “The sound of Music” – movie close to my heart where the von Trapp family make their way on foot across the mountains into Switzerland to freedom – The grand Alpine heart of Switzerland, a massively impressive region of classic Swiss scenery – high peaks, sheer valleys and cool lakes…. Switzerland is all about sublime and romance!

Let’s now leave romance aside and move to Food. Fondue is Switzerland’s national dish. It’s simple, and yet so perfects a meal for a cold winter’s night. This dish was inspired from French and Italian cuisine. In Switzerland, Fondue is Cheese fondue which is a traditional Swiss dish that originated in the Alps. It is peasant dish that uses cheese wine, bread – ingredients easily available in winter.  Fondue is always served as the main dish, not an appetizer or as part of a multicourse meal.  In a communal pot, you dip your bread, pork, chicken, bread with a long stemmed fork. Fondue etiquette – never double-dip your morsel, and avoid dipping while someone else’s fork is still immersed. The dipping is also an opportunity to stir the fondue regularly, thereby preventing it from separating and from sticking and burning. With every dip, the fork should go to the bottom and then should be stirred.  Sometimes if the cheese gets too thick, you have to use scissor to cut it while taking your morsel out.

Sautéed sliced pork with Taglierini

Cilantro at Trident Gurgaon is running a culinary festival till 6th November. Cilantro is hosting lunch and Dinner. Along with A-la carte, they have buffet that serves 8 dishes(from swiss cuisine ).

Badrutt’s palace hotel of St. Moritz in Switzerland is one of the most luxurious and iconic hotel . To recreate the authentic cuisine of Switzerland, Chef Fabrizzio Renda and Chef Pintonello Silvano have come from Badrutt’s palace hotel.

Swiss cuisine is very much inspired from its neighboring countries Italy, France, Austria and Germany. Traditionally, Switzerland is an agricultural country and hence Swiss dishes tend to be made from simple ingredients, such as potatoes and cheese

Roasti, a dish consisting of potatoes is very popular and so are the traditional Swiss dishes i.e. Tarts and quiches.

Executive Chef Sandeep Kalra along with the visiting Chef of Badrutt’s Palace have created amazing Swiss dishes.

barley soup prepared grison style

We started our lunch with Capuns a speciality from Canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. Capuns is one of the traditional recipes of Graubünden peasant cooking. It is best described as a kind of herb dumpling. The main ingredient is a spätzli dough, flavoured with shredded dried meat and herbs. This is then wrapped in a chard leaf to form a small parcel. The parcels are then boiled in bouillon for around 20 minutes until the pasta is cooked.

This was followed by Barley soup sprinkled with dried shredded salami. In each one of the 150 Graubünden valleys, it is prepared differently. However, it always contains barley, which has been soaked the night before. Traditionally smoked meat is used and the vegetables are too soaked overnight. This rich hotpot tastes good and fills the stomach.

We also had Chicken pojarski( like minced chicken cutlet ) with black truffle which added the aroma to the dish and was served with potato rosti which worked well with the pojarski.

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce ans chocolate mousse

And then came the national dish of Switzerland, the Fondue that was served with various accompanied like pork, chicken , olives, baked baby potato and bread pieces.

Apart from swiss Fondue which is offcource highly recommended, I would also like to suggest you to try their apple strudel famous pastry Austria along with thick and dense chocolate mousse.

I must say that this Swiss food experience was new for me but I liked the simplicity of each dish and it was a delicious hearty meal! The festival is on till 6th of Nov both for lunch and Dinner, A-La Carte as well as part of Buffet.


MFMBites – Swiss Fondue which you can’t miss, Chicken pojarski and Sautéed sliced pork with Taglierini. We also recommend to pair it with Tarapaca sauvignon blanc and Sula Riesling.



Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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