Our luxurious stay at Radisson would have been incomplete without the signature spa therapies. This premium Spa and Fitness center, which in French means, ‘Your Time, Your Space’, offers a complete range of detox spa therapies, ranging from exotic body treatments like: Balinese Ceremony, Chocolate Fondue, Espace Signature Massage, Virgin Coffee Treatment, and Revitalizing Mud Treatment. The relaxing facials use the Italian brand, ‘Comfort Zone’ and promise resonant glowing skin and active purity.

We enjoyed full body massage with side-by-side massage tables set within the spa room. Two therapists work in unison to provide an unforgettable shared experience. This luxurious treatment takes your senses through complete relaxation. The service starts with an invigorating foot exfoliation, followed by back massage with warm oil and light stretching of your muscles. The experienced therapists’ adjust the pressure to meet your specific needs and personalize the massage service.

A deeply relaxing massage that uses long flowing strokes along the entire length of our body. The gliding rhythmical massage techniques provide therapeutic benefits and bring a sense of well-being. For modesty purposes, one side of the body remains draped at all times.

The spa offers a blend of the best of essential ingredients with awesomeness of unique harmonious blend of luxury, tranquility and seclusion. With a nice relaxing music and a perfect room temperature, the massage has a positive effect not only on our bodies but also on the mental realms.

The best part of the massage is that depending on your specific needs or requests, therapist will either perform a customized full-body massage for relaxation and stress reduction or focus on the specific parts of your body that you have requested.

After an hour of full body massage including face and head, we draped ourselves in towel and headed for a steam bath together. The therapists left the room, for us to enjoy steam bath as well as shower that were in the same area of couple’s massage room.

We took a 20 minute steam bath enjoying together the warmth of the steam and the happiness of being together. Steam opens up the pores, allows toxins to be flushed out, and thereby deeply cleanses your skin. The moist heat also stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface, removes dead skin cells, and hydrates the pores. This adds shine and glow to your skin, making it look younger, softer, and healthier.

After a relaxing steam bath, we took a quick shower together and dressed ourselves. This was followed by an invigorating green tea. We left with a great feeling of being energized and shiner and glowing skin that felt softer and younger!

It was for us a detoxifying, purifying, exfoliating, softening and romantic experience being together towards a healthy 90 minutes experience of massage, steam and shower!

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