coffee pod“How do you like to have your coffee Sir?”… A little complicated question asked, for someone who landed in USA all alone and for the first time. Nervous and especially for those who love coffee and yet do not know anything beyond the granules of Nescafe and Bru and wouldn’t even understand the varieties Espresso or Latte or cappuccino – everything would sound intimidating! Well, that’s the story of long past!

B pic4b pic2I learnt or I would say developed my love for coffee during my stay in USA and thanks to Starbucks as it had its outlet inside our office too.

Coffee scenario in India had changed a lot over the decade. People have started understanding the varieties and enjoy different ways of brewing and also different shots of roasted coffee.

Though I must admit that using a coffee machine at home and grinding coffee beans and then making a good coffee at home is still not easy. But then, Bonhomia, which was started by two youngsters – Kunal Bhagat and Tuhin Jain -, is India’s first coffee and tea capsule brand which was launched a year ago. This first coffee capsule brand is also a relief for those who own expensive nespresso machine, however are unable to find capsules for their machines.

Tuhin said “ the increasing demand of capsules and having a machine which can be easily managed was the challenge that we were working on and now we have come up with The Boho, the machine which uses the capsule and makes aromatic coffee. “

IMG_0024_3FBest part about the coffee capsules are that they are single shots, so one need not worry about opening the bottle and then the dreadful thought of losing its aromatic flavour!  We need to just put the capsule in the machine and the coffee is ready! Operating the machine too is very convenient and takes less than 25 seconds to get your cup of coffee.

Bonhomie coffee capsule comes in five different varieties which includes free love (intensity level 5), dark deeds (intensity level 8), organic bliss (intensity level 4) and black veil (intensity level 9). The higher the intensity, the stronger and bitter flavour of cocoa beans is what you get. My favourite was “free love”, because of its mild intensity. Through the machine, when you add milk, it gets richer and thicker!

These coffees are hand-picked from different coffee estates, across India and blended together to get the perfect aromatic taste.

Bonhomia coffee and tea capsules and the boho machines will be available on their website as well as leading supermarkets like Foodhall, Nature’s Basket, Le Marche, Good food and Modern bazar across India. Boho is available in two variants – Midnight Black at INR9995 and passion Red at 12995. A box of 10 pods is available at INR 350.


For more information log on to their site


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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