Sometimes all you need is to just sit and relax in a laidback ambience and soft music that’s soothing to the senses. Sometimes there is no need of fancy interiors and you feel like chatting with your friend in the comfort of your own drawing room. If you find some concurrence with my thoughts then Pamphilos is the place for you. The term ‘pamphilos’ in Greek means ‘friends for all’ and at the same time it means ‘lazy’ in Spanish. For me, this place ticks both the boxes.

DSC_0322The café, located at GK1 N Block Market, is spread at two floors, one consisting of the indoor seating area and the other, the terrace. One unique thing about this place is that no one is in a hurry. You can sit at leisure and the serving staff will not pester you to order food. The terrace area is well done and will make for a great winter afternoon.

At a place like this food becomes secondary as the comfort zone that you’ve reached takes over. The food served here is probably better than many new places that have come up in the city but what caught our attention was their huge range of juice blends and milk shakes. Though they have a wide range of cocktails to choose from but we chose to try ‘Virgin Chi’, a guava, pineapple and mint based mocktail, ‘Keep Me Cool’ a watermelon based juice blend and ‘Hungry Thirsty’, which was basically chocolate milk shake as these seemed too tempting. All the three were brilliant. The presentation of the milk shake reminded me of the legendary ‘Kaventers’ in CP and had the same taste too. We had the virgin version of their signature cocktail Chi. One sip and I could imagine how nice the cocktail would taste. The gentle flavor of guava combined with pineapple and mint was a sureshot winner. The best part about it was that it was accidentally created, but now is a house special.

They don’t have an elaborate menu but it still covers a wide range of cuisines finding their influence from traditional Italian, North Indian, Asian and Lebanese. I would recommend Cheesy Chicken Momos and Grilled Polenta with Vegetable Stick, which turned out to be basically an eggplant dish. I liked it because of its tangy tomato sauce even though I’m not a big fan of eggplant. I was a bit disappointed with their mustard prawns as they were basically shrimps and even though the mustard marination was flavourful, the prawns owing to their small size, did not have the desired juiciness. I generally find Falafel rolls bland and too dry from inside but the ones served here were surprisingly moist and tasty.

DSC_0336Their four in one pizza was nice too. The thin crust was just perfect. I found the barbeque chicken part ok but the spicy chicken part was exceptional. The margherita and the pepperoni ones were also just about okay.

They have a rotating menu and probably you will find many dishes on the menu different than the ones you will see online. A chat with the owner revealed that he has given complete creative liberty to the chef. I hope they come up with some contemporary dishes as the present menu is quite traditional. They have a DJ and they rearrange the furniture and completely transform the place on Saturday evenings. But I guess a relaxed Sunday afternoon would be ideal to enjoy this place.


Quick Facts 

Pamphilos Kitchen & Bar
Address: N-8, 2nd floor,
N block Market,
GK-1, N Block,
Greater Kailash I, New Delhi,
Delhi 110048
Phone:095829 80008
Hours: Open today · 12:00 pm – 1:00 am

Meal for two -INR2500(Without Taxes)

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