How do you react when you get a chance to try something new? Well, over the last couple of years I have got the opportunity to try various new cuisines, new dishes and if there is one thing that has helped me, has been my own palate that developed love for all the new things, quickly!

Swedish cuisine is completely new to India and for Indians. I haven’t heard of any restaurant in country that serves Swedish cuisine. I had it when last year, Taj Mahal Hotel conducted Swedish food festival for a week.

You must be wondering about what I am going to share today. This post is about my experience of trying Swedish cuisine cooked by Swedish Nobel Chef Mark Phoenix and Chef Fredrick Forsell .  They specially came to India to celebrate the Sweden India Nobel Memorial Week 2015 which was being organised by Embassy of Sweden.

The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Week 2015 comprises a number of events ranging from seminars and panel discussions among well-known Indian and Swedish decision makers from government and business as well as academia, to competitions for student, cultural and food programs.  These events take place across Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Indore and New Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion H.E. Mr Harald Sandberg, Ambassador of Sweden to India said, “Alfred Nobel left his fortune for founding the Nobel Prizes, and said that ‘The estate should be used to endow prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.’ I believe that ‘co-creating the future’ fits very well with this idea of innovation and ideas for the future.

SwedenWe were there to attend a masterclass organised by Sweden Embassy where Chef Fredrick Forsell and Nobel Chef Mark Phoenix cooked some dishes for us. It was delightful to see them cooking as the process was simple, good, clean and light – No oil, light cooking and extensive use of greens and fruits. They cooked Toast Skagen( prawns in mayo, lemon juice and dil), Rodbetscarpaccio( beetroot carpaccio with horseradish cremefraiche and rockt salad) and Rårakor( fresh potato patties with cremefraiche chopped red onion and Swedish caviar ).

Post the masterclass; we were treated with Swedish lunch accompanied by great wine from Sweden.

Sweden1As I thoroughly enjoyed this meal, I know I would now be craving more for Swedish cuisine.




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