fort mahodadhi (1) My reasons for choosing Fort Mahodadhi during my stay at Puri were threefold. Firstly it has a royal lineage, secondly it is the only heritage hotel on the entire Puri sea beach road and thirdly it is right in front of the famous Puri beach. It is also the only hotel with spacious parking on the sea beach road. This makes it popular among highway lovers. Ashish Mishra, Dy. General Manager, Fort Mahodadhi adds, “Mahodadhi means the great sea and it pays homage to the mighty Bay of Bengal which it faces. You get the feel of royalty at this palace converted in to a world class hotel as Fort Mahodadhi was the summer palatial residence of Maharaja Panchkot. Spanning 2.5 acres, accommodation options include 2 superior wooden villas, 11 deluxe wooden cottages, 6 superior fort suites and 6 deluxe fort rooms.”
fort mahodadhi (8)For me location wise, the heritage property scores brownie points. If the Puri Beach is across the road, the Temple of Lord Jagannath is just 1.5 kms away. The city centre is a 5 minutes drive. The railway station is a short drive away while Bhubaneswar at a distance of 65 kms is the nearest airport. Fort Mahodadhi offers 4 food and beverage options- GAA, Baron, Mostly Grills and Vithal Kamats Original Family Restaurant. GAA is the only multi cuisine village themed restaurant in Puri. It has a rustic décor comprising of a bullock cart, scare crow, earthen pots and cane baskets, lanterns and an old bicycle. Some of the vegetables are sourced from Fort Mahodadhi’s organic garden. The hotel is the only one with its own organic garden in Puri.
GAA is popular for its authentic Odia cuisine. Your taste buds will want more of Tawa Fried Bhola Bhetki (shallow fried sea fish), Machha Chhecha (traditional fish chutney) Kankada Masala (odia style crab preparation), Dariya ke Moti (pomfret from tandoor) and Grilled Fish made from the chef’s secret recipe. For vegetarians there is Banana Tikki made from raw banana, Potala Chutney made from parwal, Santula made of mixed vegetables and Saga Bhaja made of leafy vegetables. Baron is the only British bar in Puri offering varied liquor and drinks. Gramophones, colonial style switches and a crest complete its British décor.
Mostly Grills offers a variety of seafood among which the Boneless Fish Tikka, Tandoori Pomfret and Crab Masala are finger licking tasty. The restaurant holds quarterly food festivals and currently the Kebab and Biryani festival is on. Mostly Grills also serves Chinese and Tandoori food in addition to grills. Vithal Kamats Original Family Restaurant makes Fort Mahodadhi the only hotel on the Puri sea beach road with an exclusive vegetarian restaurant offering quality cuisine at extremely reasonable prices. It serves both north and south Indian cuisine. Try the signature Vithal Batata Vada which is a potato vada while the Chef Special Thali is famous for 15 mouth watering dishes. Private parties are in demand on the well trimmed lawn. Among the other facilities is the swimming pool with a baby pool. It is alongside the open air gym. The conference hall has a theatre style seating capacity of 80 people.
fort mahodadhi (4)My sightseeing itinerary was professionally handled by the hotel staff. The most important temple of Puri is the Temple of Lord Jagannath. The triad deities in the temple are Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balabhadra. The kitchen has 752 stoves and 1100 cooks. Chhapan bhog or 56 food items are cooked daily. The morning arti is the mangal arti while the evening arti is the sandhya arti. The other famous temples of Puri include Gundicha, Lokanath, Sunaragauranga, Daria Mahabir and Tota Gopinath. The holy tanks where devotees take a dip are Narendra, Sweta Ganga, Markandeya, Indradyumna and Rohini Kund. Mata Math is a serene location for paying respects to various Gods and Goddesses.
fort mahodadhi (2)I enjoyed the buzz at Puri beach even at 10 pm. Throughout the day there are camel and horse rides and head masseurs. In the evening shopaholics rejoice with the evening beach market which sells knick knacks and handlooms at cheap prices. A must visit from Puri is the crafts village of Raghuraj Pur for live demonstrations of Patachitra and Palm Leaf paintings. Both make for lovely hand crafted souvenirs and can be bought directly from the homes of artists.
Do experience a boat ride on Chilka Lake. Enroute to Chilka one can stop at the Alarnath Temple of Lord Vishnu. Chilka is Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon and on the boat ride you can get to view Irrawaddy dolphins, the artificial sea mouth, Rajhans Island from which you can walk to the Bay of Bengal or enjoy freshly caught and fried prawn, fish or crab.
Fort Mahodadhi
Sea Beach Road,
Telephone- 06752 220440, 220880, 8093099962
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  1. Awesome place at Puri to relax and rejuvenate. The rooms at the Fort Mahodadhi are well preserved to take you to the typical Kings era. The place has got every thing which makes it the best place to stay and dine at Puri. The famous lord Jagannath’s temple is just 1.5 km away from the Fort. We enjoyed the walk from the Fort to temple. On the way one can witness the typical life style and culture of Puri. There is a shop on the way where you can find CDs, explaining the history and rituals of Jagannath Temple, which is just amazing to hear. The temple of Lord Jagannath is so beautiful and vast that if someone wants to see all the places inside the temple with a guide explaining in deep, it one has to visit for three days to complete it. The Sea beach at Puri is very well maintained by the local authority. there is continuous cleaning of Sea Beach and the main sea beach road. we had a very safe and memorable sea bath here. Everything about Puri and Fort Mahodadhi is just amazing…..

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