Halloween Special – Baked Red Snapper with Olives and Tomatoes

Baked SnapperPresenting Halloween Special Recipe. Today’s recipe – Baked Red snapper with olives and tomatoes


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Baked Red snapper with olives and tomatoes

An easy to make simple dish , fresh and nutritious


Red snapper fillet  ( cleaned and trimmed)        700 gms ( 160-170 gms each)

Plum tomatoes                                                          8 nos

Olives mixed                                                              I cup

Onion medium sized peeled                                   2 nos

Basil                                                                            1 sprig

Lemon                                                                        1 no

Salt                                                                              to taste

Pepper                                                                        to taste

White wine                                                                1 cup

Olive oil                                                                      40 ml

Garlic                                                                          5 cloves


  • Marinate the fish fillet with salt pepper and lemon juice
  • Blanch and peel the plum tomatoes , blend half of them to puree
  • Slice onions roughly , and crush peeled garlic cloves
  • Cut remaining tomatoes into wedges
  • Crush the olives also .
  • Sear the fish on both sides , and put aside
  • In a casserole heat olive oil , sauté sliced onion and garlic
  • Add in the puree tomatoes , give one boil place the fish on top
  • Cover with remaining tomatoes , olives , garlic , basil olive oil and white wine
  • Place lemon peels on top .
  • Cover with foil , bake in a medium oven for 12-15 minutes .
  • Take out and serve with fresh hot bread .
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