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DSC_6307_00004-tile Imly –The moment this food reaches your thoughts – you are reminded of the tantalizing taste – The sweet and sour slender pods are everyone’s’ favourite. One would just start licking Imly in any form and greedy fingers ask for more with every lick! Well, that is what Imly (Tamarind) does to you and if “Imly” is the name of a restaurant, then it is obvious that the moment you hear the name, you would love to tantalize your taste buds and would want to simply eat!  .

This is a restaurant that is designed in a shape of a train that takes your palate into the world where your 6 senses are awakened! Yes- that is what this restaurant does with its food. 2 young turks Varun Puri and Vivek Bhargava have conceptualized “Imly” to take you through the journey of Indian Street food, in a unique way and a different style! .


Varun Puri and Vivek Bhargava have been successfully running “Light Action Camera” – Air Bar in Rajouri Garden. How do you think, you would love to enjoy street food? I would say by travelling and in a train maybe! The restaurant is designed in the form of a train compartment that gives you the feel of visiting various parts of India a trainon and trying out food of the local region. Interestingly, you also get to see/feel the view the way you would see sitting in a train inside – the world outside!  The interior and exterior reminds you of a luxury train and your journey gets more delightful after the end of your meal at Imly.


Since décor is what I have described the way it is, the food too is according to what you would expect! I asked Varun about the “concept” and then “design” and he shared that he being a big fan of “Haldiram” since childhood and also entire family, would go out together – He always felt that the “self-service “ mode or the rush to occupy/reserve seat – takes away the pleasure of “experience”. At Imly, you can relax, sit and enjoy your street food and get an experience too! And I would agree as the buzz is about “customer delight” as well! In a very short span, Varun has already created 3 famous brands in Delhi and was instrumental in launching Shiv Sagar in Delhi. He has immense talent and great energy. He is also working on two new concepts that will get completed before end of this year.

DSC_6321_00018-tileHere at Imly, we have a complete street food menu that covers street food from every part of India. It is difficult to get the true flavours, unless you have a masterchef from local region, who can take you through the journey of real flavours of India. You will get Mumbai’s famous sandwich as well as vada pao, berry pulao and special Mumbai pulao too. You will also be able to relish here, Chandani chowk’s famous chaat and gol gappe that has different flavours of “pani” (water). Bante wali bottle (bottle that has glass marble) has flavourful fruit sikanji and also cute little bottles that contain fruit juices and “sherbet” too. Right from Rajasthan’s famous Kalmi bade to Madurai’s dosa that is served as spring roll – you have everything under a roof to experience culinary Street Food of India! Interestingly, the Chinese bhel and Masala idli made in manchurian style, reminds you of the “Chinese food” of Chanakyapuri, South Delhi and you will also get here “Chinjabi” i.e Chinese in Punjabi style! . Imly rice, noodle and Manchurian served here, reminds you of the local Chinese street hawkers in Delhi!

Imly is opening for public from 1st of November and before that, they are conducting an event with Cry Foundation on 26th October  This event will serve 100 kids and it is an extremely noble gesture – Street food for street  children!

I am eagerly waiting for it’s opening on 1st November as I will go back to relish all of it, all over again and this time – with my family!


Venue: IMLY, F 20, HOG Market, Rajendra Place, New Delhi

FB Page  – https://www.facebook.com/imlyxpress





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