DSC_0333 Visiting Dao-Dimcha, which is located at GK 1, N Block Market, was like finding a hidden gem.  Earlier Dao and Dimcha were housed at separate floors and had different menus. Dao originally served Thai Cuisine and Dimcha offered an elaborate variety of Dimsums and other South East Asian delicacies including an assortment of Sushis, Nigiris and Sashimis. picturesofdaodimcha3Their menus are still different but now both share a common roof. This elegant diner welcomes you with warm reddish lighting and the walls are carved with intricate wood work. Overall the ambience is sophisticated, upmarket, chic and very Asian.

Prices are a bit on the higher side, but given the location, you may end up shelling out more money even for a dime-store pizza. They will be showcasing few of their cherry-picked items at this year’s Grub Fest to be held at Gurgaon.

The vivid description of dimsums in the menu literally makes you drool. We tried Sour Pepper Beijing Chicken Dumpling. The Dumpling was nice consisting of a thicker than usual dough but steamed to perfection. They were served dipped in sweet chilli sauce that had an amazing balance of flavours. I’ve visited a few Asian countries and more often than not I’ve seen them served dipped in a sauce. In fact it’s flavor of the sauce which gives it character and makes it a complete dish. My vegetarian friends too had great things to say about the Vegetable and Chive Dumpling.

picturesofdaodimcha2The best item of the lot was Spinach Prawn rolls. It was the only dish in which I went for multiple servings. The flavorful sauce consisted of dark soy, garlic, chilli flakes. I could even taste a hint of sesame oil. Best part about it was the tenderness of the prawns and the freshness of the spinach.

In the mains I really liked the Stir Fry Chicken in Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce. It was nice to see some Indo-Chinese flavours too in the middle of relatively more authentic fare.  All the mains were served with rice so we thought of ordering some noodles. The server recommended Pad Thai Noodles but I’ve had it way too many times so we thought of trying Bamee Kee Moo which are essentially stir fried yellow noodles with bean sprouts, spring onions and generous amount of basil. The distinct flavor of basil really helped lifting the taste of the dish, which otherwise was quite similar in taste to hakka noodles.

We concluded the evening with Chef’s Masterclass, something which we all were waiting for. He showed us techniques on how to prepare Raw Papaya Salad and Spinach Prawn Rolls. I am looking forward to Grub Fest where they will be showcasing a specially curated menu that shall surely be a delight to the visitors.


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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