left smoked fish platter, right pears, goat cheese mille fueille

If a restaurant is in business for 22 years and is still going strong, then it is important to know and share about their success and of course the journey too! Yes, I am referring to La Piazza , the most iconic Italian restaurant in India.
According to famous food writer/Journalist Sourish Bhattacharya , La Piazza is “Bukhara of Italian restaurants” . While researching on La Piazza, I was told that La Piazza’s story is incomplete, without mentioning Shaji Paul who was the first restaurant manager of the Trattoria style La Piazza (which is known for their authentic Italian affair).

La Piazza Manager Shaji Paul once said “Customers come here with a certain trust and they get it. In fact on weekends we take in reservations because we are so packed that there is no table for at least 45 minutes.”
Left Mint Ravioli Right green curry risotto with prawn

Two weeks back, we were invited to experience the new menu which was conceived by Chef Luca and is inspired from the classics of Milan and the robust cuisine of Rome.

La Piazza was the first one to have one of the most comprehensive wine lists across globe.
Chef Luca has brilliantly combined the essence of Milan and Rome and created a menu which has some of the best dishes from both the region.
left charcoal flavoured tuna, right spicy duck meat balls

The smoke fish platter had hot and cold smoked salmon and mackerel served with black, green chopped olive along with some chopped onion – it had the perfect smoky flavour. Mint ravioli and green curry risotto with prawn were delicious and the presentation was stunning. Charcoal flavour black pepper tuna, stole my heart. It was actually served on charcoal and tasted divine. Spicy duck meat balls with sautéed beans in vinegar had an excellent tangy flavour.

sicilian icecream cassata and classic iramisu

We finished our meal with the classic tiramisu and the old timer cassata – one helping doesn’t satiate your palate! I must say that, this was one of the most delicious Italian meal I had and Chef Luca has done a fantastic job. 

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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