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Shahjahanabad Classics Food Festival by Jalalis Le Meridien Gurgaon at Latest Recipe
Till 20th of September
INR1600 for set Menu, A-la Carte is also available 

I remember my first interaction with Osama Jalali when he along with street food champion Chowder Singh organised food walk on the by lanes of Jama masjid. More than gorging on the delicious food, it was the interaction that I reminiscence.

I have always cherished my interactions with Osama as he always shares his profound knowledge and deep understanding on food. Purely passionate in his food talks and equally enjoys reviving lost recipes!

I attended his first food festival at Surya Hotel. He along with his wife and mother had prepared sumptuous meal – cooked with all love and straight from heart. The food had lot of influence from Mughal during the shahjahanabad( which is now old delhi) and was similar to home cooked food. Thee meal that we partook isn’t something that you will get in any restaurant. Well, you might say that we definitely get similar food in the the by lanes of Jama masjid. However those are street food with hight amout of oild and heavy spices that overpowers the flavour of meat.
Shahjahanabad classics is now being hosted at the most talked about all day dinning , Latest Recipe at Le Meridien, Gurgaon. This is also one of my favourite place in the city
We tasted classic recipes of old delhi or shahjahanabad – you would have enjoyed such food/meal at your friend’s place in old Delhi. Osama and his family spent hours, in search of these recipes. They recreated all of it at their home, before arranging/preparing for food festivals. His mother hails from Rampur which is another famous culinary place and has learnt her cooking from the khansamas of Nawabs of Rampur. You will find influence of Rampur in their food.
This time there were new additions to the menu. Lot of kebabs were added. For vegetarians we had like French bean ki shami, kathal ki galaouti and for non-vegetarians – kacche keeme ki ti tikiya and fish fry.
Keeme ki goli was a new addition and ut the kacche keeme ki tikiya was the usual delicious. One additional dish which I simply loved was fish ki galaouti that was served in a crispy potato basket.
I loved Aloo gosht that I can eat anytime and especially if it is served with bakarkhani. The sweet bread along with spicy and delicious gosht lifts your spirits. Hari mirch ka keema was another star and so was the urad daal ka gosht, that I ate for the first time and relished each bite. Urad ki dry daal and chane ki daal ka bharta will definitely make you want more.
Gulathi and Shashi tukda will take care of your sweet tooth and you will crave for second helpings of aloo ka zarda.
You should sit back and relax as Osama and Ammi Jaan will take you to a gastronomic journey of Shajahanabad , where treats of home cooked food of the lost city awaits you. We have here range of dishes that gives an extraordinary experience to your palate. Great hospitality and truly humbling as Osama serves you and shares that guests are considered Divine! The festival is on till 20th of this month and available for buffet and set menu. Be there to experience the extraordinary!   

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.
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