Crowne Plaza has been known for their meaty restaurant – “wild Fire” which serves Brazilian cuisine and has got rave reviews from their guests. This restaurant is purely for meat lovers. I was curious to know what would be the additional feature in the café, as I had heard that their all day dinning place Café G is going through renovation.
We were invited to be part of their relaunch. The first step into the all-day dining was impressive. It’s a rectangular shape café, with every section, clearly visible and brightly lit.

I loved their kitchen. Kitchens are designed in a way that guests can easily see what’s being cooked. They have added Teppanyaki section, where apart from sushi (delicious and fresh) they have live grill. You can choose your meat for the grills. As you enter the café, the first thing that you will notice, is the huge spread of antipasti and great cold salads along with variety of cheese. Their Indian and oriental section is quite elaborate too. I highly recommend Thai dishes and loved it as well.

The most impressive was the addition of classical western section. IHG globally has signed 7 Michelin star chefs and use their recipes across their brands. I got the chance to try the hunter style chicken, beef alla bourguignon and the lamb shank cooked in Mediterranean style. Chef shared that lamb shank took 72 hours to complete the process and this includes 24 hours of marination. They change their menu every week. Every week, you will find 2-3 new dishes from the celebrity chef’s kitchen in their western section. Last but not the least; their Indian section is quite good. I couldn’t stop myself from taking second helping of the mutton biryani that was served with mint chutney. A well-stocked bar, excellent antipasti and cold salad section and a decent desert section, Café G is surely going to rock.

Café G is latest addition to the millennium city and it’s surely going to impress food enthusiasts. 

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.
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