Some time ago I chanced upon the Khoob Khao brand of healthy multi grain crackers and crispies at Dorabjee’s, the popular departmental store of Pune. Initially what caught my eye were the eye catching bright colours of the packaging.
The packets also explained why we should in corporate whole grains in our diet alongwith the stipulated ingredients and nutrition facts. I bought some and what I like is I got what was advertised. The crackers are a good source of whole grains without any cholesterol or trans fats. The roasted crispies which are bite size munchies made with whole grains and pulses make for smart snacking options.

While the crackers come in flavours of achaari mango, cheese nachos and Rajasthani pudina, the crispies can be enjoyed in desi chatpata, Spanish tangy tomato and thai hot and sweet flavours. Both products are low in saturated fat and not fried. Most fried products have 30-40% fat content which is shockingly unhealthy. Khoob Khao products have less than 4-5 % fat content. Wherever this is higher, it is due to unsaturated fats which are naturally occurring in pulses and lentils. These are healthy and required by the body. Because a variety of whole grains and pulses are used to make the products, they are also a good source of protein, have a lower glycemic index and have a high content of dietary fibre. And they taste great.          

Explaining the purpose behind the brand, Pranav Pasari, Founder, Khoob Khao says, “The Khoob Khao brand was started with the intention of providing Indian consumers with healthy snacks, something that they could munch on without feeling guilty. Having spent a few years studying and working in the US, I realised the nascency of the Indian food industry and sensed a great opportunity and satisfaction in providing consumers with products that were good for them. Khoob Khao roughly translates into eat well, the tag line for the brand is – roasted low fat munchies. The brand is a healthy alternative for fried chips, farsans and fattening munchies that are so commonly available and eaten every day. At the Good Food Agro which is our parent venture, we care about your health and well-being, which is why we want to help you choose snacks that are not only tasty, but also good for you. Hence like our packaging reads- our snacks made with nutritious whole grains and pulses, infused with natural flavours and spices are roasted to crispy perfection.”

The crunchy Khoob Khao snacks are available at all leading stores.

Khursheed Dinshaw
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