Living Foodz, a new food channel that will be aired from 11th of September is amalgamation of food, travel and wellness. It’s not just a food channel, but a lifestyle channel too, where you get Foodtainment  – not just simple way of cooking, but we will also get to know a lot about Indian and International cuisine/culture too.

Living Foodz will host celebrity chefs like Vicky Ratnani and Ranveer Brar and foodies like Rocky and Mayur who are themselves an encyclopaedia on food, restaurants etc – the knowledge they carry is immense! There are international cuisines where Vicky ratnani shares his culinary expertise and knows regions or cuisines inside and out. He clearly steers everyone towards the experiential life changing experiences on food and its facts!

Living Foodz explores health, family, rituals, fitness travel and much more. Some of the International cuisines shared here are ancient, diverse and perfect amalgamation of ethnic as well as modern influence that is prevalent in many countries and that is clearly what Living Foodz bring you on their shows
Punit Goenka, managing director and CEO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.- shared that with ‘Living’ brand, the company intends to make Indian content for global audiences. “This will be for the first time that original content from India will be available to audiences across the globe”
The Great Indian Rasoi” show hosts, the most talented chef Ranveer Brar. He will take us through some of our favourite cities in India and talk about food, history and relation of cuisine/food to that place. Apart from the delicious kebabs and biryani of Lucknow, he will share history and culture of this famous Nawab city. This show is highly recommended as it takes you to your roots and culture that at times is forgotten! Another show where Chef Vicky Ratnani takes you varied countries and cooks famous international dishes from across the world. It’s not just cooking but also his experience and walkthrough of the series of events on food.
.If you are in love with food and enjoy events and shows on food on television, I am sure you would love the concept that multiple programs cover! Simple and basic style of cooking, usage of simple language, the way they engage audience, every bit of it is truly mesmerizing!

Welcome to the world of Living Foodz , the new world of  Foodtainment!.
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