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Chor Bizarre Pop Up at Drift Epicentre Gurgaon
Till 30th Sept
Meal for two – INR 1600 Without taxes
“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast” this is a famous Persian couplet by Amir Khusro.
This explains how beautiful Kashmir is. The exotic beauty of Kashmir trickles in every unique dish that this cuisine has.

Wazwan is multi course is tradition among muslims of kashmir and is considered as an art in itself Wazwan, owes its origins to Timur’s invasion of India back in the fifteenth century and the inflow of about 1700 craftsmen, weavers, architects and cooks into the Kashmir valley. Wazwan is an elaborate feast at weddings and other functions and is now used as a reference in general, for Kashmiri cuisine.  Wazwan is generally prepared on big and special occasions like a wedding and the head chef who prepares these delicious 36 meals – a combination of both veg and non-veg, is called Vasta Waza. Almost all the dishes are meat based, be it kebabs or the famous yakhni or gustaba.
The Kashmiri cuisine is very common amongst Kashmiri pandits and Muslims of Kashmir.  Since most of the Kashmiri Muslims were converts from pandits of Kashmir, they avoid beef. Guests sit together and share this meal, out of a large plate. Guests are grouped into fours for the serving of the wazwan. A jug and basin called as Tash-t-Nari is passed around, and the guest wash their hands from warm water.
 I always had great meal at Chor Bizarre, the only restaurant serving authentic Kashmiri cuisine. I remember my first ever lunch at Chor Bizarre way back in 2000 and it was a regular place, once a month. They were also at Metropolitan Mall where I and my wife would enjoy our dinner after a hectic work schedule. I always loved their buffet that was placed on classic vintage car.
An invite to attend Chor Bizarre Pop Up at Drift, Epicentre Gurgaon was something I couldn’t have missed.
Starting with fried lotus stem along with delicious mooli and akhrot ki chutney, we gorged on some traditional Kashmir seekh kebab. It was different from regular kebab which we eat in Delhi. We enjoyed varieties of chicken kebabs. The fish tikka had flavour of lemon grass and was outstanding.
Post this, we move to have sit down lunch which started with Tarami , a great start of wazwan – in a  gorgeous silver plate served with flavourful rice, rajmah and haaq( Kashmiri spinach,  cooked with special spices and has mild flavour of mustard too).  It was all covered and the moment the lid was taken – the room was filled  with the aroma of fragrant  rice.
Wazwan(non veg )
This was followed by Wazwan affair – Tabak maaz(lamb ribs cooked twice ) and then grilled( not fried) was absolutely meaty. The  goustaba ( meatballs cooked in yougurt and other spices) and khatte baingan(egg plant in tamrind gravy ) were spot on and I would love to have it again.  The mutton rogan josh and aloo Bukhara korma too were cooked to perfection.
We finished our lunch with phirni( which was made of sooji and different from what we eat in delhi), Shoofta( desert made from dry fruits and sugar) and the famous kahwa.
If you love traditional Kashmiri cuisine and would want to enjoy the rich heritage that this cuisine brings – you must dine at Chore Bizarre! You don’t need to read reviews – some experiences can never be captured and the taste cannot always be put in words! You have to experience it yourself and that’s what Chore Bizzare is all about!  
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