What is the best way to have your whiskey- with a splash of water, with a soft drink, on the rocks or neat? This is a question which often crosses our mind when we hold fine malt in our hand. Though everyone has a different answer to this question, the right answer is ‘the way you like it’.

At least this is what Nicholas Ord, the Reserve Brand Ambassador of Singleton Single Malt which co-incidentally comes from the valley Glen Ord, believes. He also believes that no matter how exciting the story of the Single Malt is, how it originated and how it is manufactured and matured in casks, all this is meaningless unless you like the taste of the whiskey.
Single Malt at Glen Ord Distillery is matured in a combination of American (Bourbon) Oak and European (Sherry) Casks. Most of the barley used in the malt barley is locally produced, coming from the fields of the Black Isle. Singleton comes in three bottles, aged 12 years, 15 years and 18 years. Generally the age statement on any bottle of whiskey is indicative of the youngest component in the bottle.
As I mentioned above there are several ways to have a whiskey and according to the way it is served, it adapts and develops in the glass. For e.g. adding water to the whiskey warms it up and drives aromas out of the glass, it becomes sweeter, also different volumes of water has different effects on the whiskey. On the rocks slows the development of the whiskey inside the glass but never stops it. A neat whiskey also changes over time. In fact, a cocktail made with whiskey needs to be skilfully prepared keeping in mind how it develops and adapts with the other ingredients used with it.

Mr. Ord helped us in understanding how some great cocktails are made using Single Malt. He prepared three cocktails, with base ingredient being Singleton Single Malt, and involved the audience in the process. ‘Singleton Sour’ had rich flavours of star anise, cherry, lemon, pepper and pineapple juice. It was really tangy and bitter but in a good way. The unique factors were Angostura bitters, which he used in the second cocktail as well and the egg whites. Everyone raised eyebrows at the use of egg whites in the cocktail but it gave the cocktail a good frothy texture without interfering with the taste.

He also prepared ‘Singleton Maple-Smoked Rob Roy’ by using Rosso Vermouth Red Martini, maple syrup and cherry wood smoke. Obviously it had a very smoky flavour and it would have gone perfectly with smoked cheese. It also had a hint of bitterness but the flavour of single malt wasn’t overshadowed. The last cocktail he prepared was my favourite. Mr. Ord called it ‘Singleton Vanilla Julep’ and was prepared with Amaretto, mint and vanilla. It had the perfect blend of sweetness and sourness.
The event was a part of Vogue Wedding Show and all the cocktails were inspired by Indian Weddings. I’m sure the guests would be elated if such cocktails are served at an Indian wedding. At least my evening would be perfect if I got my hands at one of these. Coming to the Singleton Single Malt, stories apart, I found it rich, well balanced whiskey having a nice silky texture. A splash of water and you get a sweet, smooth and aromatic spirit which sets the mood for the evening.  

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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