Its raining dimsums!! At Pan Asian, Sheraton Saket

 An invitation from Shereton Saket to review their ongoing dimsum festival got me into thinking mode.  I asked myself the same question and which I am sure, lots of you do as well. What is the prime difference between momos and dimsum?
Let’s talk about momos as it as has mushroomed in every nook and corner of every city. The origin of momos isn’t clear. It has either come from Tibet or Bhutan or Nepal or even Myanmar (Burma).

I also found this interesting article:

Even when we differentiate between a dimsum and momo – what comes as a clear demarcation is that – Momos are street food and Dimsum is a refined version that you get in restaurants. Origin of momos isn’t but popular belief says that it originated in Nepal, traversed to Myanmar and reached India. Momos are extremely popular in north eastern states too. Momos typically have a thick outer layer and dimsums outer layer is thin. Dimsums outer layer can be translucent rice flour or wheat starch skin( Gao Zi), lo ma gai( wrapped in lotus leaf) shaomai(Small steamed dumplings inside a thin wheat flour wrapper ), shumai( kind of open steam dumpling), and not to forget the traditional cha siu bao. Dim Sum is a dumpling with stuffing, which originally began as an accompaniment with tea. 

Dim Sums are available in three varieties mainly deep fried, pan fried or steamed with a variety of fillings ranging from prawn, lamb, pork, chicken and any variety of seafood.

When I reached Pan Asian, I asked Chef Vaibhav on the concept of dimsum studio and he shared – we conceptualized this idea to cater to different segment of guests and keeping that in mind, prices are very reasonable too. If you are health conscious (most of the people are these days), you can enjoy some amazing dimsum which is made specially by using quinoa and edamame and then another one is steamed seabass with Thai chilli .
That’s not all, for those who are intolerant towards gluton, there are some amazing dimsums made of sweet potato, Chinese cabbage, corn fed chicken. There are amazing different types of dimsums  for people who just love to eat J. Truffle edamame was one of my favorites, followed by miso black co and then ginger . Spicy bullet chilli chicken was super delicious and so was the soupy hot and sour.

Indeed Chef Vaibhav has done incredible job by putting variety of dimsums each with a unique taste. Festival is on till end of this month and I am sure you will simply love it.

Happy Eating  
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