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Chi Ni 
Dusit Devarana, 21st Milestone, 
Samalkha, NH8, Near Rajokri, 
New Delhi
Phone Number – 011 33106384
Open for dinner only on weekdays
lunch/dinner both on weekends
Meal for two – 5000 without alcohol and exclusive of VAT

You will find Chinese Cuisine everywhere around and we have our preferences based on our palate to choose from. If you want to have something authentic, you also know which places in Delhi/NCR to head to. Think about having authentic Chinese in a very relaxing, magical landscape providing panoramic view of greenery and water bodies  that has private dining rooms, Indoor dining and Alfresco experience and a food that not just tastes beyond description, but also is a treat in itself.

A place where you would want to dine, enjoy and treat your special or your family or even take out your delegates for an eventful dining experience – where celebration has a new meaning – needless to say, head to Chi Ni at Dusit Devarana.

Chi Ni, Dusit Devarana, Chef Anand Panwar, Chef Nishat Choubey, mysticfoodiemantra.comThe moment you enter Dusit Devarana, everything seems to be enigmatic. You are completely taken to a different world and you feel you definitely are far away from home in a breathtaking environment that is filled with serenity.
18 foot climate controlled canopy tent that forms your ceiling, elegant hand-picked cutlery and as Chi Ni defines its philosophy of cooking as “Chinese Cooking from the heart” – Chi Ni means “to eat” in Chinese. Everything around is elegant, calm, mesmerizing and pure bliss.
Visit the website to know more on the philosophy of Chi Ni
The elegant surrounding pair perfectly with the menu that provides a perfect balance of taste, textures, and fragrances and colors that enhance and accent each other. I went with my wife as I was invited for the review. We ate a lot and enjoyed. More than a review it turned out to be a date with my spouse and I am glad we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The wine, the food, the ambience, the view – and of course in the company of my wife, it was an experience beyond words!

We ate based on suggestion by Chef Nishant Choubey, who as usual in his chirpy self was kind enough to spend time with us that added all the more zing! Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation! Inspired by Kay Mayfair of London, Ankur Bhatia of Bird Group and Bernard Yeoh, Proprietor – Kai Mayfair have created a concept which is chef focused and here, it is under the guidance of dynamic Chef Lauah Ban.

 Not to forget that Chi Ni is unique in a way where the menu lists down Dessert which is done by the talented young pastry chef Anand Panwar. Here is our delightful treat of gourmet Classics that we had at Chi Ni.
Aromatic Crispy Duck
Aromatic Crispy Duck – The aromatic crispy duck in hoisin sauce is served wrapped in thin pancakes, spring onion, leeks and cucumber. Mildly flavored, succulent is carved in front of you – moist fragrant and the hoisin sauce adds more zing!
Blanched Baby Spinach
Blanched Baby Spinach – This cold spinach with sesame dressing is sensational and healthy too. You will love the crunch and this irresistible dish makes anyone happily gobble up the greens!
hot and sour soup chicken
Hot and Sour Soup, Chicken – The traditional Chinese soup prepared with malted vinegar makes all the difference to the soup. Bean curd, dried shitake mushroom, fungus & bamboo shoot make the soup more delicious.
wasabi prawns
Wasabi Prawns – Coating of mango salsa and black sesame makes it delectable. We quickly gobbled the huge sized prawns. The coating of mango salsa is complimentary to the whole dish. It’s a divine creation!
baked chillean seabass
Baked Chilean Sea bass – I haven’t come across anything best than this! Coated with Garlic, chilli & tomato sauce with asparagus. Fish melting in your mouth gave an extraordinary flavor to our palate and it was definitely the optimal dish once can crave for!
australian lamb chops
Australian Lamb Chops – 2 huge pieces of high quality lamb that was firm and adequately cooked! You ought to taste this to know how different and distinct it is! The black pepper sauce balances the spices!
Chef’s Signature Organic Pork Chop
Chef’s Signature Organic Pork Chop – This was sweet, juicy, tender and simply superb! I prefer my pork to be spicy, yet I enjoyed this dish thoroughly.
ginger fried rice
Ginger Fried Rice – Jasmine Rice with spring Onion and the ginger adds a wonderful flavor to this tasty rice!
sense of choclolate
Senses of ChocolateValrhona Chocolate parfait, Chocolate soup, Microwave cake, Chocolate candy & Chocolate pearls – this dessert felt incredibly light and deeply chocolaty – a perfect dessert after a perfect lunch!
splendid yougurt
Splendid YogurtBaked yoghurt, Red berry coulis, Candid ginger & mango sorbet – The fruity flavor and ruby red sorbet on top of the baked yoghurt was delightful!
Like I said, the wine and the food – the ambience and the mesmerizing view – A perfect meal that truly defines what Chi Ni stands for – “Chinese cooking from the heart”
We took a stroll, post our lunch and enjoyed the weather as it wasn’t sunny and the cool water bodies and the greenery all around – Takes you away – far away – to a distant land that has fresh and fragrant air and peace – just peace!
Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.
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