Sohum spa Koregaon Park is known the world over for the Osho Commune. For spa aficionados Koregaon Park is popular for another landmark- Sohum Spa which was the winner of the best day spa for Pune at the Asia Spa India Awards in 2010. I tried the Sohum Signature Massage which was nominated for the Most Innovative Treatment of the year 2011. It was exactly what I needed. A consultation was done to identify the five elements of space, air, water, fire and earth as I sipped apple and cranberry juice without sugar to refresh myself.

Foot ritual areaYuvraj Singh, Spa Manager explained, “The 90 minutes massage is a combination of sports massage and Thai acupressure techniques so you get the benefits of both.” My therapist Heera before starting the treatment did the foot ritual where my feet were soaked in luke warm water and gently scrubbed using herbal salt.

couple roomHeera started with the prone position where she worked on my body using various Thai acupressure techniques including palm press from foot to elbow and double thumb press along the spine, scapula and occipital. This was followed with sports massage techniques starting from the back of the leg. A head massage completed the treatment.

Therapy roomYuvraj added, “The essential oils used in the Sohum Signature Massage are prepared in house in consultation with specialists. These oils target balancing, energizing or relaxing our guests. This massage effectively works on tissue, fascia and muscles. Muscle knots and accumulated stress are removed.” A relaxed and soothed me agree completely.


Sohum Spa, Sunderban Resort & Spa

19, Lane No 1, Next to Osho Commune,
Koregaon Park, Pune 411001

Tel no: 020 6500 2231 / 9765081708


Khursheed dinshaw.

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