As I take a stroll down my memory lane, I fondly reminisce when my mother had hard time feeding us and we as kids threw infinite tantrums. My mom would tell stories and make small balls of dal chawal ( rice and pulse along with some curry ). With every morsel, she will come up with a new story and ensure that I finish everything that was on my plate.
I believe that how mom’s world is whenever they have to feed their loving children – Mom’s have a natural flair to prepare something interesting and innovative for the kids to love their food. And if it is the usual food, then they have charming way of presenting and creating a unique story! That’s farzi or illusion my friend, where dal chawal turns into balls and you still enjoy the food!

Welcome to Farzi Café, a modern Indian bistro where the soul is purely indian, but the theme is international! Here too you will get to eat dal chawal with papad and chatni but in an arancini form ( an Italian dish) that creates an interesting ( or is it fake?!) and unique impression so that you can eat it without throwing any tantrumsJ – And trust me it tastes completely like dal chawal.
I have been to Farzi couple of times. Before the launch and many a times to enjoy their unique food or to have chit-chat!  I have always admired the concept of farzi and every time I had an excellent gastronomic experience. It took almost 8 years for Zorawar Kalra to finally give it a shape and now it has become, talk of the town. Since its inception, it has won several awards and accolades and got rave reviews.
A Great Day – A Great Conversation:
Apart from excellent food I enjoyed the company of my friends. Some of them had not been here earlier and they too were bowled over by the food, the service and the hospitality. Let me tell you that I have been to so many places and always feel that most of the time, servers aren’t equipped to handle questions and conversations around food. I have seen servers fumbling or at time giving incorrect information and ignorance is never a bliss!ll  Here, at farzi café, servers are not only aware of the dishes, but can also suggest as to what we should try out or eat. We were an over enthusiastic bunch and hence we ended up ordering more than we could have managed! After savoring the appetizers, we wanted to cancel our order for main course and the server smiled and shared that he had not placed order for main course and should have asked for a second time before doing so! I was impressed! Kudos to the team at Farzi!
Food at farzi café is perfect amalgamation of science (read molecular gastronomy) and flavors and every dish retains its original flavor.
Mishit doi shot which is made from reverse spherification, bursts in your mouth, however nothing is over powering and you get perfect flavor of sweet curd and the flavor of panch phoron (5 spice mix). I don’t want to get into the details of molecular gastronomy here, but I promise that I will write a separate post on it very soon.
Duck samosa continues to be my favorite., Spicy duck meat stuffed in in a samosa tossed with hoisin sauce and served with plum chutney, a combination of indo Chinese dish, gives you illusion of pecking duck. Similarly, crispy and perfectly cooked prawn tempura with nimbu mirchi air is something you can’t miss. Same goes for chicken tikka khurchan tart i.e.soft and juicy chicken severed in tart.
For vegetarians I would strongly recommend dal chawal aranchini, karela calamari (yes you heard it right), Bombay bhel ver 2,0 and tandoori field mushroom with truffle and walnut dust.
Another of my favorites – Galouti burger, the best burger in town without a doubt! I also love the amazing posh maggi with truffle oil and pork spare ribs with gustaba reduction.
I finished my meal with assortment of dessert and with a thought that no matter how many times have I visited this place, I will keeping coming here, to try some more new dishes.
Our total bill was INR 4800 including taxes apart from two complimentary dish and one complimentary desert J

There are some experiences which can’t be summed up in words and this is one such experience! You should visit Farzi café and feel & experience the difference!  

Quick Facts

Farzi Cafe
+91 8800690419
0124 4922273
7-8, Ground Floor, 
Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City,

Meal for two – 1500(approx)
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