Deodorant CreamTravel not only liberates, it also broadens your horizons and outlook towards life and people. But it also comes with fatigue, prolonged exposure to the sun, hair damage and body odour. Eco conscious travel and using organic products not only combat these cons but let us enjoy our travel while ensuring that it is done in harmony with nature. Burst of Happyness and Rustic Art are two brands offering a range of environmental friendly products that are organic, vegan, not tested on animals and good for your body and eco conscience.

Burst of HappynessJust Like Heaven Facial Cleanser

Burst of Happyness products are free from preservatives, synthetic fragrances, colouring pigments, oxides and micas. The brand’s products are not just about feeling beautiful—they are also about feeling healthy, wholesome, and most importantly happy. When we travel, minimizing the number of products and weight becomes crucial especially during air travel. Keeping this in mind, the Coconut Milk Hair & Body Bar is a convenient and effective bar for both the body and hair. The essential oils of rosemary, lavender and cedarwood treat dry, damaged hair while coconut milk moisturizes and reduces hair loss. Change in climate and water during travel increase the risk of dandruff. Shea butter in the bar not only treats dandruff but also softens hair. For the skin, Coconut Milk Hair & Body Bar acts as a moisturizer and natural antioxidant. It’s essential oils treat dull skin.

Deodorant Cream

During travel, the skin tends to get neglected. For healthy skin, there is the Alfa Alfa & Moringa Leaf Bar. While Alfalfa contains vitamins like A, B1, B6, B12, C, E, K, niacin and folic acid, Moringa Leaf helps in healing acne and eczema. Royal Dusky is an exfoliating soap so one doesn’t need to carry a loofah. Let the natural exfoliating properties of poppy seeds, apricot kernel powder, jojoba powder and masoor dal powder reveal supple and bright skin.

Royal Dusky

Solid lotion bar is a good substitute for multiple products and can be used as a lip balm and for soothing sun burn or insect bites. Also since it is in a solid form there is no risk of leakage during travel. Shreya Sharan Pawar, Proprietor, Burst of Happyness adds, “We have a Natural Deodorant Cream which doesn’t block the pores and yet keeps you stench free. The deodorant cream is formulated with natural clay, starch, oils and essential oils which are anti-bacterial to combat body odour and absorb sweat.”

moringa & alfa-alfa soap with text

Just Like Heaven is a facial cleanser that removes skin impurities without removing natural oils. It also exfoliates, cleanses and improves circulation. Its Almond content nourishes the skin while Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil leave the skin feeling fresh, hydrated and young. The essential oil combination of ylang ylang and lavender uplifts the mood making you feel like Just Like Heaven. This facial cleanser can be used as a face wash and mask again reducing the products you carry.



Contact: +91 7742 6111 81



Rustic Art

eco travelRustic Art is a range of handmade, PETA certified bath, body, hair, baby, home and pet products made from USDA certified organic ingredients. The products are eco friendly in their make and in their use too as they are untouched by chemicals, machines, animal fat and artificial fragrances and colours.

Has it happened that after enjoying yourself on the beach, in an open air safari or just exploring a city, when you look at your skin at night you cringe? Does your skin look inflamed, dry and tanned? If yes, then Rustic Art’s Organic Aloe Vera Gel With Lemon Extracts is the answer to these common skin issues. This all purpose gel with no side effects is a natural skin nourisher, it hydrates the skin, removes tan, controls acne and has natural astringent properties while nurturing the skin.

Use it after application of the brands Organic Rose Face Wash which not only cleanses and tones, it helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles too. The sandalwood in the face wash prevents acne and gives skin a radiant look. Its sunflower oil nourishes the skin.

Swati Maheshwari, Co-founder, Rustic Art adds, “A common problem faced during travel is tangled and messed up tresses. Rustic Art’s Vitality: Organic Pre-shampoo Deep Conditioner with avocado butter, nutgrass oil, brahmi and amla not only de tangles but also protects, moisturizes and nourishes the hair. So you need not worry about bad hair days when on a vacation.”

To take care of other types of hair woes there is Delight: Biodegradable Aloe Shampoo which not only cleans the hair of the dirt and sweat accumulated, but also gives it a shine and strengthens the hair. Rustic Art’s Organic Paper Soaps are a convenient and non messy way to wash hands anywhere specially when you are out camping or when you want to wash your hands before a meal.

Website: for online purchases.

Rustic Art is also available in all major cities and online stores.

Ph: +918308456956


Written By Khursheed Dinshaw.

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