The completion of CP’s renovation last year brought back the much required buzz at this iconic marketplace. Shoppers started coming back and new restaurants too started opening up. Over the last 18 months, more than two dozen new restaurants have come up in CP & its surroundings.
And we at MFM have been lucky enough to be part of many of these launches at CP.

One such launch was of the Zamozza World Kitchen & Bar in the month of March. Started by the first generation restaurateur Vidur Kanodia, who also bought Mumbai’s fame Shiv Sagar in Delhi, it is a multi-cuisine restaurant located on the Janpath road besides Shiv Sagar. The narrow entrance is the most dramatic with multiple reflective mirrors on the walls, light bulbs covered ceiling, and monochromatic tiled flooring leading to a yellow door which opens up to the hall-type restaurant. The high ceiling gives it a roomy feel and the yellow & white interior was simple yet elegant.

The food menu at Zamozza, being true to its name, is a mix of dishes from around the world. Mexican, Thai, Lebanese and Italian, you name the cuisine and I am sure you can find at least one dish of your favorite cuisine.
CP is central district as well as centrally located and people from all walks of life patronize this place. Therefore, it makes sense to serve world cuisine, if one wants to avoid ubiquitous North Indian, South Indian or Chinese.  But the challenge is to stand out amongst the crowd of restaurants serving world cuisine and Zamozza does a fabulous job with that.  Its menu has been carefully designed where you could find regulars like Quesadillas, Nachos, Pastas, Pizzas but the USP lies in dishes like Litchi Wontons, Manouche, Samboseek, Kibeeh, Shwarma, Swiss Fondue etc. The biggest surprise was that burgers, being a regular in most of the restaurants in Delhi have been given a miss. Overall the food is enticing, portion size is decent, and the cocktails good.

Litchi Wontons: sprinkled with herbs & bean sprouts. They were fresh, crispy and had a tantalizing aroma.

Chicken Nam Phirk: Traditional Thai flavours of lemongrass & galangal. The chicken was well cooked and veggies were crisp.
Manouche: Both Zatar & Cheese ones were done perfectly keeping the authentic taste & flavours intact.
Crispy Vegetables: Another Thai regular done in tangy sauce. The vegetables were fresh & crispy.
Spinach & Cheese Ravioli: Handsomely filled with spinach & ricotta cheese, the ravioli was served with aromatic & creamy saffron sauce.
Seabass Pil Pil: The seabass was served with very interesting Pil Pil sauce. The sauce had livened up the fish and it was oozing with tantalizing flavors.
Silken Tofu: It turned out to be a spoiler. The flavours of tangy Thai sauce did not seep into tofu.
Mexican Rice Sizzler: Though the veggies were crisp, the rice was bland and lacked flavor.
Quick facts:
Zamozza World Kitchen & Bar
Address: 52, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Phone Number: 011 33105212

Meal for two: Rs 1800 (excluding taxes & alcohol) 

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.
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