A week out of exams and a day after a rejuvenating trip, we were struggling to find the right place to neutralise our lurking anxiety. And our anxiety did find refuge; refuge in HYBRID.

In biology a hybrid is mix of two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species or genera. Relatively, The Hybrid, Connaught Place gets to Delhi, a new concept of restaurants. It functions as a Cafe during day time and transforms itself in to a fine dining restaurant in evening before metamorphosing itself finally in to a Night Club by night. Having had their initial bouts this month itself, the place that is set in the heart of Delhi, literally (metaphorically soon), is on its way to establish a mark. Two weeks into its existence, it has already hosted few exemplary nights; starting with Nasha, followed by the regular company of their house jockey, DJ Simz.
Its recent initiation explains the non-existence of any kind of travel route which might end up getting you stranded like us. But the right will and a little sense of direction would help you reach 54, Tolstoy Lane; a beautifully interiorised bar/lounge/cafe accompanied by an equally beautiful (temporarily not functional) terrace with a mammoth capacity of 600 people. It might not be the best place for food-junkies, appropriately food analysts. But for someone who is looking to have an experience that can be cherished; it’s the right spot to hit on. Also, for party mongrels or just the people of the corporate world across the street.
They’ve got their resources intact; just need the right mouth to taste and spread the word around. Talking about resources and innovation, their Orange Nitrogen Drink comprising of jelly and shaken vodka passed through nitrogen is a must-have. A little strong, both in flavour and concentration, it refreshes your senses. If you’re a fruits-person you could opt for the very refreshing watermelon martini made with a tinge of rose syrup. From the staff’s declaration to my personal experience, I would strongly suggest that you opt for the North Indian cuisine. Decent preparation goes along with the benevolent service attributed to all customers. You must pay special attention to their pizzas as they claim to get the flour right from the kitchens of Italy (Not a fine analyst/critique to identify). Another thing that didn’t really disappoint us was their Chicken Crepe. It wasn’t mesmerising but again, it wasn’t disappointing.

The very smooth ambience, scrounging lights that look at you through designed filaments , perfect interiors and, the right blend of good food and coolers provides a perfect way to sustain the summer of Delhi. Do not escape but just enthral. I found my memorable refuge; over food, drinks and conversations and I’d appreciate spreading the good word around. 

Reviewed by Harshili Malhotra

Quick Facts
011 33107916
54, Tolstoy Lane, 
Janpath, New Delhi

Meal for two 1400(approx)

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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