DSC_4919_00032 A fun filled day with family and friends – adventurous rides, the “ahaa” moment of the beach experience and yet chilling in hot summer – not away from your home! Well you can only experience this pleasure if you visit “Oysters beach park” in Gurgaon.

DSC_4900_00013I went on my husband’s birthday for reviewing Oysters Beach Park. He was apprehensive initially and didn’t prefer going out in the hot and humid weather. Yet as I insisted hard, he gave in and later shared that not only did his birthday turned out to be special – He enjoyed to the fullest and certainly felt great after spending an adventurous day!  This is my first review for Travelogue Mantra –  A day that I will treasure for long as we had amazing family time, great bonding and hence these notes for him that will be fresh in our minds as we  were frolicking in water for hours and enjoyed the speed splash and rides.

DSC_4907_00020We got costumes and flip flops at the counter. They are available at nominal charges. You can bring your own as well. You can take lockers to keep your clothes and other stuff in the locker. The lockers are small and if you are carrying huge stuff, you will have to take on rent more than 1 locker.  You will not be allowed to carry any food item or even water bottles. Once you enter the premises, you can buy water bottles, eateries – everything is available!  Do buy plastic air tight pouches at the counters to tuck in your mobile and money that you can carry along to the pool.

DSC_4904_00017We started in the pool and enjoyed the waves! The waves are timed and hence you will get to know when to expect the next tide!! Getting tossed around the waves is fun! The massive wave pool generates huge waves – enter the ripples deeper to have fun or just stay at the end of the pool to sit and get the beach experience. Spend a day in this ocean –  a great pool for the family! The waves at the pool gave a perfect feeling of being at a beach minus the SALTY waters  (Thankfully!). The loud Bollywood music that continues to play dance numbers will keep you on your toes and you will simply want to enjoy dancing in the pool too!

DSC_4916_00029The whirling water Rides and water slides can keep everyone engaged for a long time! The sudden cool splashes of water and the slides not only make you want more, it keeps you and your family engaged for hours!  My son’s eyes lit up looking at the brightly colored slides winding out of a pirate zone. An enormous bucket sits perched on top, filling up with water and tipping over when it’s full, drenching everyone in its range. It’s amazing playground-style kids’ play place – in water!. There is of course plenty of room for us to relax and have fun!

DSC_4920_00033A closed tunnel ride and an open tunnel ride – You will feel a serious rush as you are carried rapidly through enclosed serpentine tunnel in complete and total darkness, not knowing where you’re going or where you’ve been. Your body moves with swift as the water carries you through the weaving open tunnel and you fall safely with a splash as you slide down. A short adrenaline rush and a must try for everyone!

We then moved to the 9 D Theatre (this isn’t part of the package) – the state of the art gives a thrilling experience and all your senses come alive – clearly your mind is tricked between reality and projection! The 10 minute experience (250 INR per person) is fun and a must at least once!

This place is great for thrill seekers and you should check out the adrenaline fuelled rides!  Several rides are unsuitable for guests with disabilities, pregnant woman, or people with heart or back problems. All rides have information boards at the entrance to rides that calls out the ride rules and who shouldn’t take such rides.

DSC_4931_00044The free floating water boat, where you can together get inside with your family and relax while you circle the pool. It is like a long lazy river that offers in water lounging in a relaxing environment. As you drift aimlessly in the raft, put on some shades, and take a long, relaxing rest on the water. Relaxing in the inner tubes or just having fun with family is complete tranquility as well as perfect family bonding!

We tried the Skyfall – A 90- ft free fall i.e. feel the floor fall out beneath you while you take the plunge. Stare up at the tower and brace yourself for the challenge. This slide is going to take some serious guts to master. . After the long climb to the top of the tower, you look down at the slick track below you. When you’re ready, you’ll shoot downhill at 50 -60 km per hour – well a strong heart is what you need!!

If you are hungry, you either walk out of the ride area to have snacks or enjoy popcorn and other stuff at the counters. You can also buy the buffet package for “The Low tide restaurant” that serves multi cuisine. You will enjoy the buffet after spending hours at the pool and on the rides!

You also have cabana’s here. Reserve your cabana to sit and relax and enjoy your drinks and food!

DSC_4917_00030At the end of the water rides and all the fun, if your kids want more – there is a kid zone as well where anyone can play video games. Buy the tickets and enjoy them. You also have redemption games where you win tickets and exchange them for amazing gifts at redemption counter.

DSC_4889_0000211:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Block your day and head to Oysters Beach Park – The unique and adrenaline rush can’t be missed and this place being centrally located, you will love coming here time and again! On weekends you will be thrilled to dance to the tune of Live DJ’s – this place rocks in true sense!

I plan to go again on my son’s birthday and have all the fun once more!!

You should also read more about this place at – http://www.appughar.com/water-park-gurgaon/

Location: The site is located at Sector 29, Gurgaon

Huda City Center Metro Station – The area is located right next to the Huda city center metro station

NH 8 – It is situated at the convenient location of just 1 km away from the National Highway 8.

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