We all have our childhood memories about how we used to throw tantrums whenever Mom asked us to drink milk. I was no better and my mom would add flavors in the milk.

Time changed and our taste has also changed and I had one of the very first strawberry milk shakes in Allahabad when I was in school. Since then, the flavor of strawberry is close to my taste buds and is still one of my favorite flavors. This is the flavor that I prefer for shakes and icecream.
My first encounter with flavored milk and milkshake was at Aurobindo market where I and Naina would meet after our classes. Post that, I tried couple of times at Keventers in CP. I didn’t know that it has an interesting story.

When I went to the original Keventers at Select City Walk where they opened first outlet, I was thrilled to know, how they started this iconic brand. The brand has a legacy of over a hundred years, and it was the first milkshake brand to originate from India. “Keventers”, a vintage dairy brand dated back to 1925 when Edward Keventers, a Swedish dairy technologist first established his dairy plant in the Chanakyapuri area, in the seventies.The dairy plant was later acquired by Ram Krishna Dalmia,who founded the Dalmia Group which was then ranked amongst the top 3 industrial houses in India.Agastya Mihir Dalmia, third generation scion of the Dalmia family is now reintroducing and recreating the Keventers brand giving it a brand new look and feel, and taste profile as well.

Apart from their classic flavours of strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch and kesar pista they have some exciting new flavours that will attract younger generations. Melting Roses Milkshake, Mint Oreo Crumble and Hulk’s Bulk, Fresh fruit toppings, rich dark oreo cookies, smatterings of peanut butter – All of these are exciting shakes!

Strawberry and vanilla ofcourse is my all-time favorite and it is served in classical old glass bottle which is signature with keventers brand. I also loved melting roses milkshake that has a very nice flavor of rose. The peanut butter shake can beat any peanut shake in town.

If you don’t like milk, they still have lots to offer! Their gelatos are extremely good, especially the dilli jamun which gives you real taste of jamun or the mint cookie cream which has smoothing flavor of mint.

A place that you must visit – It sure is to make you nostalgic and with great products to offer!
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