Exclusive – Sunday Brunch at Creo, Vivanta By Taj, Dwarka – A relaxing Sunday brunch

Weekends are always fun and I love spending time with family either at home or sometimes our early morning visit to eat my famous food at Chandani chowk.
Sometimes waking up late than usual on lazy days and going for late breakfast/early lunch or as we call it brunch, at some of my favorite places in town. I love spending time on Sunday brunches.

It always feels good to sit relax and enjoy food along with friends and family.

If it is not within few kms, then it is more like a family outing. However the place that I share here is in Delhi itself. Well, do you also look out for places like this for Sundays? If yes, then Creo at Vivanta by Taj would be an excellent option for you.
Vivanta by taj , the newest property , infact 7th taj property in delhi/NCR, opened last month at Dwarka. It is positioned as business/casual hotel, but has very modern look, some great architecture and off course backed by Taj hospitality.
Last week, at their all day dining restaurant, Creo, they started their Sunday brunch and I was invited to experience their first impeccable Sunday brunch
Most of the Sunday brunches have wide variety of dishes to offer, but seldom do we see three separate live counters offering a large variety of their respective entrès, starters and main courses. It’s also notable how specific cuisines are chosen. Indian cuisine for example covers everything from North to chettinad. The same goes for Italian cuisine, which covers a wide range. The Indian kitchen has the traditional Delhi cuisine.
After initial discussion with Elangovan Shanmugam, Executive Chef about the idea behind Sunday brunch, we decided to take a walk before I started to enjoy my food.
Very classy design, all glassware and open kitchen, all very impressive. The three live kitchens serve Indian (vast variety of main course), Italian (including Tuscan and they have impressive grilled food) and Japanese (where they not only serve traditional sushi and teppnayaki food but they also have grill section where chicken is grilled with Japanese spices and served with miso sauce.)
After a brief tour I started with some grilled lamb( they had huge lab rack at Italian section), some tenderloin and prawns cooked in butter from their Italian section. Well-cooked and well marinated, the meats were absolutely delicious. They also have excellent range of freshly baked section along with wide range of cold cuts too.
Their sushi/shashmi was absolutely fresh and delectable and the freshly grilled prawns from teppanayai section was equally delicious
Let me tell you that their Indian section is pretty huge and infact their mains consists of  almost 10 dishes including veg and non-veg. Fish cooked in turmeric and coconut gravy, mutton with daal and chicken cooked in white coconut gravy, to name a few, is something that one shouldn’t miss! Appam as well as crispy and flaky malabari parotta can be relished with curries.
Last but not the least, their huge desert section with live section of crepe, pancakes and waffles, is amazing and after savoring main course, one definitely needs good appetite to relish mouthwatering deserts.

If you want to have a relaxing Sunday brunch and wouldn’t want to  spend a fortune, Creo at Vivanta by taj, Dwakra is definitely the best option in town.  

Quick Facts
Vivanta By Taj Dwarka
011 28050300
 Metro Station Complex, Sector 21, 
Dwarka, New Delhi

Sunday Brunch starts at 1400+ taxes

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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