Barcelos has been in Khan Market for a while, but people don’t know much about it except the black burger. Even those who have visited the place restricted their order to the much hyped black burger. My friends have given mixed reviews about it. But no one could actually tell what else the place had on offer. So I was really keen to try the place when I was invited to the launch of their new molecular cocktails and mocktails.

I’m not sure what most Indians generally mean by Molecular Gastronomy. Most of them just think that adding liquid nitrogen to the food item and creating some smoke makes it molecular. I think it is more of a science where the chemical composition of the ingredients is changed so as to entirely alter the tastes and textures of food. It also includes artificially infusing the flavour of one food item into another food item. As per me Indian cooking is also a form of molecular gastronomy as it essentially consists of applying just the right measure of spices at the right time so as to alter the chemical composition of the vegetable or other base ingredient.

The interiors of Barcelos are basic and casual, nothing much to write about.  Coming to the molecular mocktails, they have introduced new summer flavours like Berry Cucumber, Tangy Mango, Kiwi Kooler, Peachy Iced Tea and Honey Rosey. I tried Berry Cucumber and it was very tasty. It was basically strawberry syrup with a hint of cucumber topped with orange juice and sprite. I heard really good things about the other mocktails from my fellow bloggers.

Their new molecular cocktail menu consists of Berry Rose Margarita, Peachy Nutty, Mango Basil Tini, Peachy Island Tea and Hey Rosey. I tried the Peachy Island Tea which was basically a peach flavoured ice tea topped with gin, rum and tequila. Again, the taste was really good and so much of liquor didn’t make it bitter, just the way I like it. One of my fellow blogger mentioned that Hey Rosie was fantastic. It was actually very innovative, prepared using rose syrup mixed with cardamom and rose water topped with sprite and vodka. Rose petals added to the beauty.
Then we were served a vegetarian and a non vegetarian platter. The Non Vegetarian platter consisted of couple of pieces each of chicken drumsticks, chicken thighs and chicken wings, all marinated in mild Peri Peri Sauce. Everything on the platter tasted exactly the same which was quite a disappointment. The pieces of chicken were a bit dry. I’m already acquainted with the taste of peri peri, thanks to Nandos, but I am not very fond of it. A question that often comes to my mind is whether Indians would develop a liking for Peri Peri, a spice commonly used in Portugese cuisine, esp. if they are used to much more spicy and flavourful food. I personally didn’t find the hottest variant of the Peri Peri sauce hot.
There were some good items on the vegetarian platter. Again all were served marinated in the same Peri Peri Sauce, but at least there was variety of food items. I really liked the paneer and the vegetarian kebabs.

As Barcelos is not a franchise outlet, and each outlet is owned by the company itself. Maybe that is the reason why, unlike other chains, they have not Indianized their menu yet. First the black burger, and then molecular cocktails, it’s good to see them doing something to differentiate themselves from their older cousin Nandos.

Quick Facts
011 33105219
Shop 57, Khan Market, 
New Delhi 110003

Meal for two 1100(Approx)

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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