I love burgers! You can give me a burger any time and I wouldn’t say no. This may sound strange, but it’s true! In US I survived on burgers for couple of months. The journey started with subways and then I would pick up burgers from the captivating food trucks!
In India, I have always struggled to find a good burger that wouldn’t be too expensive. I have enjoyed good burgers in 5 stars, however had to shell out 1500 INR and I wouldn’t prefer to spend this money for enjoying a burger.
Have you wondered – Why is it difficult to have a good burger in India? I understand that we don’t get beef here, but is it also difficult to get a good mutton burger.
Over the last couple of months, lot of American burger joints have opened their outlets in India. Our inquisitive mind and love for tasting new things as well as gluttonous appetite, awesome palate (the list is endless) drives us to try out new things – which makes us amazing at trying our hands at almost everything! Varieties of burgers ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian are being churned out to suit Indian palate as well. Though they do not serve gourmet burger and I am not complaining either.  I spent good amount of time with these burger joints, visited couple of times, tried different burgers and the way it has been prepared.
Here are my experiences of these burger joints over the period of around 6 months. McDonald is last on my list for the very simple reason, that, I don’t have any expectation from them. My son still prefers McDonald over other burgers!
  1. Fat Burger –this place tops on my list of all the places I visited. Flavoured and well-seasoned patty with right amount of fat that keep the patty moist and not chewy. 15-17% of fat in a decent size patty is good enough to make it moist. Bun was also perfectly baked. Good amount of jalapeno, pickled cucumber and some greens. Though I personally don’t care about veggie and other stuff in a burger, yet I loved the stuffing of burger.
  2. Johny Rocket – good place for shakes but not for burgers. In all my 4 visit I never had a decent experience. Everything is fine here – service is quick, staff is courteous but then, hey I am here for food not just for experience. Their tenderloin patty which I have tried is dry, flavourless, with no seasoning. I always take a bite of patty to get a taste of it. Bun was dry and it broke when I was trying to hold it. However it is better than burger king and wendy’s.
  3. Burger King – Disappointing. Careless staff, and they are always in hurry and do not listen properly while taking orders – At least that’s the experience I had and that is what I observed with people around me! They messed up with orders. During my 1st visit, burger patty was dry and under cooked and in my 2nd visit, patty was burnt from outside and undercooked from inside. Same was with bun…grilled and was very hard at the outer surface.
  4. Wendy’s  – latest entry. Very disappointing. I was one of their regular customer in US, but here there is something wrong with them. I went there with my son and we ordered two different burgers and both were disappointing. My son infact refused to eat it and said “ Papa let’s go to McDonalds, I like them”. Same was with service – messed up, watery drinks and staff doesn’t heed to what customers have to share. I faced similar problem with bun – It broke when I was trying to hold it. It was double patty and I didn’t enjoy the seasoning. It tasted like McDonald maharaja mac burger. Patty was dry and undercooked. The coffee machine was not working but staff didn’t call it out at the counter and we were forced to choose something else I might visit again, however of all the other experiences, this definitely didn’t leave a good taste! If Wendy’s plan to open in Delhi – I might visit again – to have the French fries!! – Maybe!!
So what’s wrong with these burger joints? Do you have a similar opinion or was your experience better? I would love to hear you opinion on this. This will also encourage us to do some more interesting analysis based on your story! Happy Eating!
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