Internet has changed the way we live in the world. Now almost everything we do since the first ray touches our skin in the morning till the rise of stars in the night is connected to internet in some way or another.

Online ordering is a best example of our modern connected life.

At this time we are intensively using the eCommerce websites like never before. We buy smartphones, clothes, glasses, appliances, books and a lot more assets with just a click. However, the one thing for which we are still dependent on our legs is food. There are only a few types of food which are available online via brands like Pizza Hut. But all that is going to change now and the real credit for this goes to
The problem behind online food system is the difficulty in creating network of the delivery. Foodpanda has successfully tackled this problem and its solution is very unique. The guyz running the website don’t cook food and nor their workers. Rather they have a tie up with lakhs of small hotels and restaurants all over the country. This way they cover all the major cities and deliver the food as fast as they can.
When you log on their website, you will have to select your city and the area. Next you will be provided with the list of restaurants covering your area with minimum order value and delivery charge. After choosing a restaurant you will have to choose the items of your choice. While making the order you get two options to get the delivery. First option is home delivery while the second one is picking up from the restaurant itself. Customers can also select the time of delivery. However, the minimum delivery time depends according to the restaurant. You can make the online payment also by credit card and PayTM. But some restaurants only offer offline payment option which generally is Cash on Delivery.
One great feature that can help you in selecting the restaurant is the review system. You can check out the user reviews of all the restaurants and be sure that your selected restaurant is the best.
You can also find various offers on some restaurants and get huge Foodpanda cashbackcoupons. Some offers even give about 50% off. These discount offers run on coupon system, so it is your duty to check the coupon code and apply it while checking out.

So, be sure to check this service at least once and tell us about your experience in the comment section below.
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