watermelon mojito and margarita

What and Where

Melon Magic till 31st May
Lodi – The Garden Restaurant
Phone – 011 33105163
Lodhi Road 
Opposite Mausam Bhawan
Near Gate 1, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Meal for two 2200(approx.)

It does always feel good to go back to your favourite restaurant. And that is what it is whenever I visit Lodi – Always a fantastic experience.This visit has been more special as my son joined me for food tasting.

“Melon Magic” was the theme and every dish had an element of melon. Truly an interesting and refreshing concept for beating the scorching heat!

Menu was interesting and we wanted to try most of the dishes. We started with melon mojito that had the base of watermelon juice – Fresh and refreshing a great way to start our meal. Unlike other reviews, I would want this review to be different. Introducing my first photo based review – The pictures will talk more and this should be more tempting to make you visit Lodi and enjoy their “Melon Magic”
musk melon, low fat yogurt, ginger and fresh mint
Let’s start with the soup. Chilled soups are cold , refreshing and a perfect way to beat the heat – and Lodi , perhaps being the only restaurant in Delhi, where you can enjoy chilled soup versions! Our soup had Musk melon, low fat yogurt, ginger and fresh mint – excellent flavour, combination of sweet & sour and perfect in every way.
watermelon and feta cheese salad
Now comes the salad –watermelon and feta cheese, my favourite and nothing can go wrong with this. Very fresh and organic watermelon makes the perfect salad and pinenuts gives it the superb crunch!  
Interesting titbit – Most of the vegetables used in their kitchen is grown in their own organic farm which makes every dish tastier.
We also tried melon margarita and melon martini and both were excellent.
grilled sea bass with melon with mint and coriander salsa
Next in line was my favourite grilled sea bass with melon with mint and coriander salsa. It was perfectly grilled fish – tangy and minty and loved the grilled musk melon too!
 three melon ice-cream
We finished our meal with delicious three melon ice-cream – in-house speciality.
You must visit and enjoy their melon magic festival which is on till 31st may.

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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